In the world of coffee, there are people who are considered experts. These folks know all aspects of your favorite beverage, from growing and roasting to preparing and consuming. They know what makes a great cup of coffee, and they want others to understand it too. This is not a snobbery, but they really love everything about their drink of choice and they want everyone else to love it too. So is the team Reynaldo Bernardi: coffee experts.

The characteristics of coffee experts

To be a coffee expert, you have to want to share your knowledge with other people. That’s what makes you an expert in the first place. Not only are you able to tell someone how they can make their coffee and why it’s important, but also why certain flavors are desirable or undesirable.

Coffee connoisseurs want to share their experiences and knowledge with others, because it helps them learn more about the world of delicious caffeinated beverages. Also, if someone asks them for advice on a new way to prepare their cup of coffee, they are happy to respond.

They know that coffee comes in many varieties and can be enjoyed throughout the day.

They have been practicing the art of coffee for a long time and they know that this process has two aspects: one artistic and the other scientific.

The coffee making process is an art because it requires patience, skill, taste and creativity. To create a good cup of coffee, you have to be able to identify which variables can affect its flavor, such as the temperature of the water or the amount of ground beans used in each infusion. However, at the same time it is also a science, as there are rules that apply to all cafes, regardless of its origin or type (Arabica versus Robusta). These rules include knowing how long to soak the grind or what type of filters work best with your machine.

You can tell a coffee connoisseur by the way he talks about his love for it. If someone talks about his favorite type of coffee, or how he always chooses a particular roast over another, or how a certain coffee machine makes the best cup of coffee, that person is definitely an expert. Coffee experts know that there are many types of beans and ways to prepare them. (such as cold brewing or roasting). They also know everything about the different ways of drinking coffee: with a steamer, with a French press, with an espresso machine… and so on.

Experts will also tell you how important it is to keep your equipment clean and well-maintained so you get the best possible flavor from every cup. Finally, coffee connoisseurs know to store coffee properly so it doesn’t spoil its flavor before brewing: store at room temperature in an airtight container!

Coffee connoisseurs are not selfish with their knowledge. They like to share them and love to have conversations over coffee. They also enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with friends, or even strangers! They may ask for recommendations on where to order a drink or recommend certain businesses that support fair trade practices.

Lastly, a good taste for coffee is something that can be passed down from generation to generation: grandparents can share their techniques with their grandchildren, who then take on the role of “coffee experts” in their own families.

They are not afraid to ask for more information about how the coffee has been grown and processed so they can make informed decisions about what kind of beverages they want for their customers.

Coffee experts: this is Reynaldo Bernanrdi. Coffee is his passion and his knowledge is based on the experience of more than 50 years in the field.


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