He Los Nogales Rosales Recreational Park They are located in Rosales, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Services and Facilities

The Los Nogales Rosales Recreational Park has barbecue grills, playgrounds, large green areas, a pool and slide, a wading pool, a party room, a retail service, a restaurant service, bathrooms, showers, and many more surprises.


The entrance fee to Los Nogales Recreational Park is $40.00 pesos for adults, $30.00 pesos for children.


The schedule of Los Nogales Recreational Park It is from 10:00 in the morning to 07:00 in the afternoon from Monday to Sunday.


Los Nogales Recreational Park is located at Calle Durango #2, Rosales, Chihuahua, Mexico.

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At Los Nogales Recreational Park We are here to pamper you!

Source: https://www.edy.com.mx/2023/03/parque-recreativo-los-nogales-rosales-chihuahua/

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