Although mustard is known worldwide as a sauce, the truth is that this condiment is much more than that, so its uses can be broader. In this sense, it is useful to know the reasons for using mustard in the kitchen and how it can be incorporated.

The most common presentation of mustard that can be found in the market is in the form of a sauce. This, along with ketchup and mayonnaise, is the most popular condiment in the world, and it can also be said that it is the most healthy, because it is low in fat and has no preservatives.

And it is that, to obtain that mixture of vibrant color, the only ingredients that are used are natural mustard seeds, together with vinegar, turmeric, water, sugar and salt. In this way, it can be considered as the perfect companion or seasoning for many recipes.

However, some people have only gotten used to using this versatile condiment as a simple sauce to accompany hot dogs or hamburgers. In view of this, we will talk about the reasons for using mustard in the kitchen and how it can be incorporated.

What is mustard and what are its benefits?

As mentioned, most people know mustard as the yellow sauce that they sell in packages in supermarkets. However, this is its commercial presentation and suitable for human consumption, since its real or natural version, It is a seed that is obtained from the plant belonging to the genus Sinapisof the Brassica or cruciferous family.

Because there are several types of seeds, the main ones being yellow or white, brown and black mustard, the flavors between one and the other can vary. The most predominant are spicy and bitterwhich dissipate a little depending on the ingredients they are mixed with, such as vinegar and herbs.

But its flavor and versatility to combine with different foods are not the only reasons to use mustard in the kitchen, since, although many are unaware of it, this is an ingredient that has a large number of properties that are beneficial to humanssuch as those mentioned below:

  • Relieves throat discomfort caused by a common cold or the flu.
  • It serves to decongest the respiratory tract.
  • Calms menstrual cramps.
  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • It has detoxifying action.

Uses of mustard in the kitchen

The mustard It is one of the most versatile condiments that can be found in the kitchen.which is why it is used in a wide variety of recipes and preparations.

Its most popular presentation is as a sauce or condiment, which used as is, as a flavoring for some foods, such as sausages or hamburgers. However, this one is perfect. to create delicious salad dressings, or to accompany vegetables or steamed vegetablescombining it with mayonnaise, honey or olive oil.

Also, it is ideal for season or marinate fatty fish, red meat, chicken or porksince it creates a crust on the surface that, in addition to giving a lot of color and showiness, provides an incredible flavor, which is felt in the juices after cooking.

And for those who want to take advantage of all the flavors concentrated in the bottom of the pan after cooking meats, by adding a little water and mustard you can loosen what remains attached to it, and thus you can create a unique and very delicious sauce to enhance the tastes of the dish.

Finally, a small amount of mustard diluted with heavy cream can be added to the preparation of eggs, whether hard-boiled, scrambled or an omelet, which can give a beautiful yellow color and incomparable flavor.


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