Traveling by plane for the first time can be an exciting but also challenging experience.

To make sure your trips are as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we’ve put together a detailed guide with practical tips from initial planning to final landing:

Download your airline’s application

Before you begin your adventures, be sure to download the mobile apps of the airlines you fly with.

These tools not only allow them to check-in from the comfort of their homes, but also provide them with real-time updates on the status of their flights, gate changes, and important itinerary details.

Check-in online

Avoid long lines at the airport by checking in online. This allows them to select their preferred seats and receive their electronic boarding passes, which they can save on their phones or print to facilitate the boarding process.

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Pack efficiently

When packing, familiarize yourself with airline baggage restrictions. Choose to pack only the essentials in your carry-on luggage to minimize time spent at security, and make sure your liquids are in proper containers and comply with regulations.

If you want to know in general terms what you can carry in your checked and carry-on luggage, We share this article with you.

Use an identifier on your suitcase

Personalize your carry-on bags with distinctive identifiers, such as colorful labels or eye-catching ribbons. This will make it easier to quickly identify your luggage in case it gets lost or confused on the airport conveyor belt.

Stay informed about your flights

Uncertainty can arise at any time, so stay aware of any changes to your flights. Airline apps often send push notifications about changes to flight schedules, cancellations or gate changes, allowing them to adapt in advance.

Organize your travel documents

From your passports to your boarding passes and any additional documentation required for your destinations, make sure you have all your essential documents organized and accessible.

Keep them in a secure and easily accessible folder throughout the travel process.

Luggage Location

When you arrive at your destination, remember to locate the corresponding baggage claim to retrieve your suitcases. Check that your luggage identifier is easily recognizable to avoid confusion with other people who are also waiting for your luggage.

By following these practical tips and being prepared for any eventuality, you will be able to fully enjoy every moment of your first plane trip. Have a safe flight full of wonderful experiences!


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