The Olympic Games are already around the corner, as they will begin in just over a month and their organization is already in the final details, so practically travelers who visit Paris during these dates, or before, should be on the lookout. Well, the city will have several changes.

One of them is that for those who visit certain areas of Paris, between July 18 and 26, they must present the Pass Jeux, a QR code that is processed online, otherwise they will not be able to access.


This pass, called Pass Jeux, must be processed as long as you plan to be within the perimeter where the opening of the Olympic Games will take place, that is, on the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero.

Said security perimeter will be divided into two areas, gray and red. The gray one will be a closed perimeter and entry to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles that do not have the QR code will be prohibited. The red zone surrounds the gray zone and will only limit entry to vehicles, so those who show the QR code will be able to enter; Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to enter this area freely.

Who will need the Pass Jeux?
  • The QR code must be processed by travelers over 13 years of age who want to access the red and gray zones.
  • Travelers with tickets to the Olympic opening ceremony
  • Travelers who have a reservation at museums, hotels, restaurants and sites within the red and gray zones.
How to process the Pass Jeux?

The QR code must be processed at the official website of the Pass Jeux and fill out a form with the requested data, which are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Place and date of birth
  • Copy of identification, such as passport
  • Proof of your visit (tickets, reservations)
  • A photograph where your face can be seen very well.


It is important that you process it in advance since the system takes several days to review the data provided and approve the code.

Remember that the Pass Jeux must only be processed for travelers who plan to enter the gray and red zones of the security perimeter for the opening of the Olympic Games.

On the Pass Jeux page you can also find a interactive map which shows them exactly what the security perimeter will be, as well as transportation options to get to their destinations, since several metro stations will be closed.

Likewise, if you want to know more details about the QR code process, visit the official website of the Pass Jeux.

Foto: @Paris2024


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