We are already in the carnival season, February arrived very quickly and the same will happen with Easter 2023, an opportunity to live the “Procession of Silence in Taxco”.

Mexico is a country with a Catholic majority, and as such, the Holy Week celebrations are held throughout the country, offering unforgettable moments where the traditions and faith of millions of people are lived to the fullest.

Taxco is a magical town in Mexico, recognized for its many attractions such as the beauty of its architecture, the products made of silver, the Cristo de la Cima from where incredible views of the city can be appreciated, without forgetting the Cacahuamilpa Caves, its ecotourism alternatives, the cable car and much more.

Added to the above, Taxco has one of the main tourist attractions in the state of Guerrero and it is its celebration of Holy Week.

What to see at Easter in Taxco?

The celebration of Holy Week in Taxco, Guerrero, is recognized for being a representation of the biblical stories that deal with the events that Jesus lived before and after the crucifixion.

The chronicles indicate that this celebration corresponds to a tradition that dates back several centuries, from 1598 to be specific.

Although since weeks before there are already different events related to Holy Week, it is Palm Sunday when activities begin in Taxco, beginning a week in which the destination will receive thousands of people, parishioners and also many tourists who come to appreciate the beauty of local customs that include, among other activities, the Procession of Silence in Taxco.

Procession of Silence in Taxco

Holy Week Activities in Taxco

Tehuilotepec is the meeting point for the Palm Sunday celebrations, located in the State of Mexico 105 km from the magical town of Taxco, there the parishioners meet to be part of the procession of San Ramos that will visit several temples and then arrive to the church of Santa Prisca, place where the blessing of branches is done.

On Holy Monday the Procession of the Virgins takes place, Tuesday is the day chosen for the Procession of the Souls and San Nicolás Tolentino, and on Holy Wednesday you can admire the representation of the “Garden of Gethsemane or Huerto de los Olivos ” in the church of Santa Prisca, from where the procession of the Holy Trinity leaves that day, with images of various saints accompanied by the penitents.

Photo: Taxcolandia

Holy Thursday in Taxco

Holy Thursday in Taxco is the day when the largest number of people gather, both in the streets of the town and in the churches, there is even a line to enter the temples.

On that day, another of the things that you can see is the representation of the last supper and the tour of a legion of Romans who visit various churches staging the search for Jesus; It is interesting to know their history, many of them carry out this activity in honor of their parents who instilled in them the tradition, the former Convent of San Bernardino de Siena is their meeting place.

The procession of the Roman legion is accompanied by an actor representing Judas and culminates in the Chapel of San Nicolás Tolentino, a place that represents the prison of Jesus.

In the evening the most emotional hours begin since the largest procession in Mexico will take place, it begins at 10 pm and lasts until 5 am.

What you will see in the procession on Holy Thursday in Taxco will be impressive, it is called the Procession of the Christs and there will be more than 60 images of Christs from different locations, both in the municipality and some further away, which will be part of it.

All the images will be arranged in the temple of Santa Veracruz that day very early and they wait to start the procession with hundreds of parishioners who accompany them.

To the Christs are added the penitents who are divided into the crossed ones, the flagellants and the souls. The first ones carry rolls of bramble sticks with thorns weighing more than 40 kilos on their shoulders like a cross and the animals walk with chains tied to their feet and hands.

Procession of Silence in Taxco

Photo: Taxcolandia

Good Friday, Procession of Silence in Taxco

Friday will be another day of great feeling, and although the activities of the previous day have ended at dawn, the appointment for the Procession of the Three Falls is from the morning; the Temple of San Nicolás will be the starting point with the image of Jesus carrying the cross, upon arrival at Plaza Borda the three falls are performed and then it will be time for the representation of the crucifixion in the former convent of San Bernardino.

In the afternoon it is time for the Procession of the Holy Burial, headed by the Virgen de los Dolores, Magdalena, San Juan Evangelista, San Pedro, accompanied by faithful and penitents.

At the end of the procession, at midnight, the Procession of Silence begins in Taxco, when the devotees spend the whole night watching Christ.

Procession of Silence in Taxco

Photo: Taxcolandia

Glory Saturday and Resurrection Sunday

On Saturday all people are invited to remain silent as long as possible throughout the day as a sign of respect and mourning for the death of Jesus.

At midnight the mass of Resurrection is celebrated in the church of Santa Prisca and as tradition indicates, it is time to bless water and oils, in addition the Judas are burned.

On Resurrection Sunday in Taxco and to culminate Holy Week, the Procession of the Resurrection of the Lord is carried out, which is accompanied by images of the Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel.

It is worth clarifying that everything expressed in this short summary of the program of activities that takes place during Holy Week in Taxco does not reflect how wonderful it is to live it in person, whether or not you are Catholic, go ahead and get to know it and enjoy the traditions in Mexico.

Procession of Silence in Taxco

Photo: Taxcolandia

Where is Taxco located?

With all the details that we mentioned before, you can imagine that a visit to this incredible destination will be a unique and unforgettable experience. There are also several activities that you can do in Taxco to fully enjoy a week of rest.

And if after reading all of the above you got excited and no longer hesitate to visit the city, it is good to know how to get to Taxco Guerrero.

This beautiful magical town is located 178 km from Mexico City, a little less than 3 hours; It is also relatively close to other destinations such as Toluca, 128 km, Cuernavaca, 89 km, and Puebla, 207 km.

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