Traveling to a country with essential information at your fingertips allows the experience to flow and you get the most out of it. We recommend this travel guide to Singapore.

Among the 30 countries in the world that receives the highest number of visitors each year is Singapore. In 2019, more than 15 million foreign tourists entered through one of its terminals motivated by its gastronomy, good public transport, security, ease of communication and of course, by the large number of alternatives it has to offer.

The Republic of Singapore is located on the Asian continent and Its territory is made up of more than sixty islands. It is said that its economy is one of the strongest, in addition, it has very low levels of corruption. Although advances have reached the country, this does not mean that the green areas have completely disappeared, since the authorities have made a great effort to create natural spaces that allow breathing fresh air.

This country has 6 million inhabitants, most of whom speak English. Those who go can arrive either by air or by land, since there is a bridge that connects the country from Malaysia. Therefore, there are several companies that offer transfers in comfortable buseson a trip that takes six hours if nothing unforeseen happens.

If you are thinking of visiting Singapore and you have doubts about how to get the most out of your trip, today we will tell you about a portal that does most of the work for you and you can consult it whenever you want. This is a Singapore guide completely in Spanish. From now on I will explain how it works and some key tips on the web.

A reliable travel guide and updated

This tool was designed by the Infoviaje group, who have created a complete portal that so far has 30 guides from different countries and cities. The task force conducts in-depth investigations to collect all the necessary information that a traveler should know. The idea is to show the best places that are in the regions and be your allies every time you plan an adventure, no matter what type of trip you take.

The web is very friendly and its options are distributed in the left side menu. If you search where stay in singapore, using Google maps, indicates the places where you can find a hotel. Then, it explains in a detailed and simple way the advantages of each area and the approximate prices. If you click on an icon, it takes you to an external portal that explains the included services.

trip to singapore

The section for renting a car, finding good places to visit or how to get around one of the neighborhoods works in the same way, where gastronomy and customs are closely felt.. An interesting and attractive function is that of the tourist map of Singapore. The developers use different colors to mark the zones, so the user can personalize his experience, searching for what interests him most in a short time. For example, restaurants are in orange with their respective icon. When checked, a full description of the site is given on the left side of the screen. The same happens with the rest of the points.

Adequate tips to make the most of your visit to Singapore

The above is not the only thing you will see in this informative travel portal. In the section dedicated to utilities you will find plenty of valuable recommendations, especially if it is your first time visiting Singapore. Over there becomes your personal guide. You will be able to know the climate and the best seasons to visit the country, with personalized access with the temperature averages month by month.

Besides, explain the means of public transport available and the stations in which you can take them. Then there are the airports, the necessary documentation, what your luggage should include, the traditional dishes, the best nightspots and the outstanding shopping centers. If you are going to travel with children, there are key recommendations so that the smallest of the house enjoy the adventure.

trip to singapore

And last but not least, I’m talking about a link that explains things that are prohibited in Singapore. If you commit any offence, you can end up in the police station paying bail for breaking local rules. There are actions that are normal in other cultures, but that you should avoid so as not to have an unpleasant time. Remember to take a look and find out everything. I give you an example. The sale of chewing gum is prohibited, as is throwing it on the floor or sticking it anywhere.

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If you plan to go to Singapore or are already packing your suitcase, add the site to your browser favorites. Likewise, you can follow them on any of their social networks to keep up to date with the news they publish frequently.


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