With the great advance that technology has today, it is essential to have the most advanced in this area in our business. whatever the line of business in which we work, and it is not only about being more efficient and effective when making our sales, but also about making our lives easier when it comes to having the necessary tools to be able to make the cut of the day, check inventories, apply promotions, etc., and it is precisely the point of sale software that is the ideal solution to achieve this and other goals in our business or trade.

What is Point of Sale Software?

What is Point of Sale Software?

Surely you have already heard a lot about what it is and what it is for. point of sale softwareHowever, so that you do not have any doubts about what you can do with this software, we share a brief explanation that will undoubtedly mean that sooner rather than later you acquire yours for your business:

A point of sale software is a program created specifically for you to take control of each and every one of your salesas well as the inventory of your business, which works in conjunction with hardware equipment such as monitors, printers, barcode scanners, electronic scales, among other tools.

But this does not end here since with point of sale software you can also apply promotions that will undoubtedly be of great interest to your customers, as well as discounts, wholesale and retail prices, among other benefits that they will love.

In addition, for you as an entrepreneur it will help you to know which are the products that are sold the most in your business or trade, the inventory of each of your products, the cut of the day, account statements, you can issue CFDI invoicescustomize your tickets, receive different payment methods, among other benefits.

In this way you will save on your administrative processes, as well as time, money, and effort, which you can use to grow your business even more.

Finally, using point of sale software is the best decision since all these processes are automatic, so there will be no human interference, and therefore errors that can be very expensive.

Point of Sale Software Try it Free

Point of Sale Software Try it Free

In the market there are several alternatives of point of sale software, but without a doubt your best option is elevate the simplest point of sale software to manage your business.

eleventa is not only your best option to make your business more effective and efficient, but it also gives you the opportunity to try its point of sale software completely free for the first 100 days.

In this way you will be able to assess, without any commitment, if it is the best option for your business, although we assure you that it will be.

Later you can acquire the point of sale software of eleventa at a very beneficial price, in addition to the fact that you will have free updates and technical support for twelve months.

Likewise, you can acquire it for months without interest.

Finally, your purchase of the point of sale software is 100% securesince you can do it through endless prestigious means such as PayPal, Telecomm, as well as with participating bank cards.


So don’t think about it anymore and acquire the eleventa point of sale softwareyour best alternative in terms of price, quality, reliability, ease of use, and above all because you can try it completely free for 100 days.

“Closing a sale is important, but achieving customer loyalty is vital” Stanley Rapp, entrepreneur.

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