Santiago de Chile impresses visitors with the immensity of the mountains, the dazzling skyscrapers and the expanses of land where grapes are grown.

With the passing of the years, Santiago de Chile has managed to stay with an important place among the preferred destinations in Latin America. It hasn’t always been like this. The city has had to rise from earthquakes, invasions and dictatorships. However, the economic boom has allowed them to reinvent themselves and offer many attractive alternatives for tourists.

this metropolis It is inhabited by 7 million people and is made up of 32 communes, almost all flat with extension from the center. The old town is nice, surrounded by greenery and with easy access to most places. Its streets are full of art galleries, design shops, craft fairs, bars, restaurants and cafes.

Santiago has a temperate climate. The dry months are from October to April. In winter the rains appear. Therefore, any season is good to visit the city. The best way to get around is on the metro, although the buses work very well. However, the subway is the main recommendation to avoid the queues that occur during peak hours on the main avenues.

Without a doubt, this city should be on your travel agenda. In a weekend getaway you can see many of the interesting places it has to show. Therefore, in this you will read a list of the must-see places on the route through Santiago de Chile.

Places of interest in Santiago de Chile

To enter Santiago you need to have a valid passport with at least 90 days prior to its expiration. The city is relatively safe, however, it is advisable to use common sense and avoid risky situations. To save money, it is best to explore the nearby areas on foot, shop in the markets and visit the attractions that are free. There are many things that you can observe in the Chilean capital and here we tell you the main ones.

Visit the Plaza de Armas

Surrounded by the old colonial streets and in the heart of the city is the Plaza de Armas, which was founded in 1541. At first it was used for military training, although over the years it became a space for social gatherings. In the surroundings there are several heritage buildings, most of which were built between the 18th and 19th centuries. Since 1986 the area has been considered a Typical Zone, due to the fact that it protects numerous historical monuments.

Get on the Sky Costanera

From this viewpoint you can see many of the outstanding sites of Santiago. Its height is 300 meters, forming part of a complex that includes a shopping center, a couple of hotels and the same number of office towers. Inside it houses 62 floors. Locals recommend going up at sunset to see how the sun sets over the city and the surrounding Andes.

Get to know La Moneda Palace

This building is the seat of the Presidency of the Republic and apart from the importance that it has, it is one of the most beautiful that you will be able to know. It was built in the year 1700, inspired by a design by the Italian architect Joaquín Toesca. Visitors can walk the internal corridors and take a free tour that must be reserved in advance. The advantage is that the rounds are carried out several times a day.

Enjoy Cerro Santa Lucía

It is time to make close contact with nature and one of the best alternatives is go up to this small park located on a mountain in the center of the city. From there you have wonderful views, but on the way you must set aside time to observe some of the attractions. Two of the structures that are very famous are the Neptune Fountain and the Hidalgo Castle. It was in the 19th century that it was given the status it has today.

Take a ride on the funicular

This is an adventure that will take you to Cerro San Cristóbal. The funicular was inaugurated in 1925. Its first stone-based station was declared a National Historic Monument for its value to Chileans. In the same area there is a park that includes animals, botanical gardens and children’s attractions. It is a different way of contemplating Santiago from the heights.

See the best of street art

Santiago’s graffiti artists have made works of art that capture the attention of locals and strangers. The influence comes from different parts of the world, which explains the international character that it has acquired over time. Two of the most famous paintings are those of INTI and Lord K2, although there are hundreds of artists who stand out for their quality. The best neighborhoods to view them are Lastarria, Brasil and Bellavista.

Tour the central market

This huge market is located in the extreme north of the city and is a reference when it comes to commerce. It is the best point to find fresh seafood as well as to taste typical dishes of the gastronomy. It is also ideal for discovering things that are produced in the country, such as native flowers and spectacular woolen fabrics.

Other sites to include in the tour

Since Santiago is very big, the above is just a sample of its attractions. In addition, we recommend you visit the Bahá’í temple of South America, the Barrio Italia located to the southeast, the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, La Chascona, which was one of Pablo’s residences Neruda, the Maipo Canyon or Valparaiso.


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