Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in the world.

We can find it in many presentations and in each part of the planet it has been given a special touch.

On this occasion we will share some information that you may not have known about this popular dish.

It is considered the national dish of Italy. It is said that on average an Italian consumes 26 kilos of pasta a year.

There are more than 600 forms of pasta in the world, this is because the weight, texture, shape and size influence the way it is combined with sauces, which allows for various creations.

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Al dente is an Italian expression that designates the right degree of cooking of the pasta, and means “To the tooth”. When it is al dente, it means that it should be soft but without losing its crunch or firmness.

Also, eating pasta al dente keeps you full longer, because it takes longer to digest, and helps keep blood sugar levels more stable.

Marco Polo is credited with introducing pasta to Italy in the 13th century. however, its origins date back years. Its origin dates back to the ancient Etruscan civilizations, who made pasta by grinding cereals, grains and mixing them with water.

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The first clear reference to pasta is found in a book from 1154, by Al-Idrisi, court geographer of the Norman king of Sicily, Roger II.

On April 1, 1957, April Fool’s Day in the UK, the BBC broadcast a mockumentary claiming that spaghetti grew on trees. Many British viewers believed the information.

World Pasta Day is celebrated on October 25.

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Do you like pasta? Which version is your favourite?

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