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Traveling is incredible, but cheap and comfortable travel is undoubtedly the perfect combination to spend a dream vacation, How to achieve it? It’s very simple, you just have to find the perfect travel portal to book your plane tickets, trains, buses, ferries, etc., and this travel portal is precisely Omio, the pioneering platform that helps travelers like you or me to explore destinations such as Europe, the United States and Canada at the best price completely guaranteed.

Omio A Little History

Omio A Little History

Omi is a travel portal that since 2013 has changed the travel industry in every way, and this is because it has always sought to empower its customers so that they can achieve each and every one of their dreams through time to travel.

That is why currently Omio has more than 1,000 transport companies of planes, trains, buses, ferries, cars, which also offers you transfers to and from the airport so that you experience the comfort of your trip from start to finish.

But this beautiful story does not end here since Omicommitted to society, also gives you the opportunity to experience sustainable tourism to the full extent of the word.

How is this achieved? Offering you the best alternatives when traveling, as well as advice that will undoubtedly be of great help to achieve it, and of course information about the most popular destinations in the United States, Canada and Europe that are committed to achieving the sustainable tourism or soft tourism as it is also known.

Traveling By Train With Omio – Sustainable Tourism

Traveling By Train With Omio – Sustainable Tourism

There is no doubt that one of the cheapest ways and that best helps the environment is travel by train with Omiobesides that for the simple fact of doing it you will enjoy endless adventures that will forever be recorded not only in your mind, but also in your heart.

Train travel in Europe, the United States and Canada is simply wonderful, since you will enjoy landscapes never seen beforeand you will also contribute to the environment since train travel is often faster than airplanes, as well as being very comfortable and fun.

But train travel with Omio not only has these advantages, but also the following that will make you want to travel throughout Europe, the United States and Canada by this means of transport:

They are easily accessible: Almost all the cities of these destinations have access to the train stations, with runs several times a day, at very cheap prices and with a punctuality that will make you comply with each of your itineraries without any delay.

They are practical: When traveling by train, you don’t need to arrive very early, and all the facilities are suitable for you to enjoy a comfortable and safe trip, which is undoubtedly a great advantage whatever the destination you choose.

Stops located in urban centers: Finally, traveling by train is an excellent decision since most of the stations are located within urban centers, so you will not have to spend more when moving to your hotel, the main tourist attractions of the city, among others.

Of course, there are more benefits of traveling by train with Omio that you will discover throughout your trip. You will love them!

How to book at the best price with Omio?

How to book at the best price with Omio?

Find the best prices with Omi in your train tickets, ferry, flights, trains, transfers, etc., it is really very simple, whether you do it from the browser or from the APP.

First discover endless ways to find new trips with Omithen book all your tickets in one place, and if you need help don’t worry, there will always be an executive to help you with everything that is offered to you.

Remember that with Omio you can compare all the travel optionsso that you always choose the one that suits you best according to your own travel needs.


This is how traveling through Europe, the United States and Canada has not only become very simple, but also very cheap, comfortable and safe.

So don’t think about it anymore and book all your tickets with Omio and start enjoying your trip from today.


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