Nile River Egypt in 10 days” is an invitation to discover the best places in the land of the pharaohs…

It is not necessary to explain why Egypt has so much magic, surely at some point in your life you have come across a book, documentary, film or some advertisement that drew your attention to the destination and was enough to get you excited about knowing the imposing pyramids in Giza .

The desert, camels, imposing buildings, monuments, tombs, mummies, traditions completely different from those of all or almost all of us who live in the West (almost in case there is an Egyptian around here), are part of the charm of the destination.

If already with what was said your mind began to imagine, you do not know what awaits you at the moment of living it; Let’s learn a little more about one of the most attractive experiences of your trip through Africa.

Egypt is a country located in the extreme northeast of the African continent; In much of its surface you find the Sahara desert.

The Nile River, the second longest in the world with 6,650 km in length, crosses the desert from south to north, with a journey through 10 African countries until it empties into the extreme southeast of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Great Delta is formed. of the Nile, where the cities of Cairo and Alexandria are located.

The cities located on the fertile sides of the Nile will witness your walk, a setting where you can enjoy an incredible journey, where you can admire vestiges with more than 3,000 years of history that will surely leave you speechless, so get ready.

Let’s see how to enjoy a 10-day Nile River Egypt cruise…

Day 1: Airport-Cairo

Upon your arrival in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, take time to familiarize yourself with the city’s climate, take a good rest and replenish your energy from the flight, which you will need for the next few days.

You will also be able to meet the people who will help you on your trip and will make this experience more than pleasant, it is your opportunity to internalize what the next few days are going to be and take the opportunity to consult your doubts about how to handle yourself in this country with habits and customs different from the western ones.

And most likely you need to eat, it will be a good opportunity to delight yourself with the local dishes, your guide will surely have a good suggestion for you.

With these first impressions of a fantastic country, it will be time for a few hours of sleep that will prepare you to wake up early the next day…

Nile River Egypt

Day 2: Cairo-Sakkara

This day will be surprising, put on light and comfortable clothes, a hat and sunglasses, it can also be a good idea to carry a fan, all this equipment will be essential for the whole trip…

The first site you are going to enjoy is on the outskirts of Cairo and they are the famous Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the oldest monuments in the world where one of the Seven Wonders is located, the Pyramid of Cheops.

Cheops or Great Pyramid, Khafre and Micerinos (tombs of father, son and grandson, in that order) will be part of a magnificent postcard that will mark the beginning of an unforgettable journey; Be sure to enter Cheops to appreciate in more detail the constructions of the burial chambers of the pharaohs.

After this spectacular start, continue to Sakkara, just under an hour from Giza.

It is there where the first Egyptian necropolis is erected and where you will see the first stepped pyramid in Egypt in honor of King Zoser, in addition, a visit to the tombs to admire the representations made in hieroglyphs and their paintings of thousands of years, complete an extraordinary walk.

Day 3: Aswan-Nile Cruise

Starting the day in another city implies going in search of new experiences, it is time to board your Egypt Nile River cruise on a boat that will take you to discover beautiful places along the fertile slopes of the river.

After a few minutes of walking, it is time for a stop at the Philae Temple that awaits you to be dazzled by its imposing architecture.

Located on the banks of the Nile, this temple dedicated to Isis, goddess of love and motherhood, is one of the most beautiful in the destination; walking between different buildings, columns and walls with hieroglyphics generates an emotion that is difficult to explain, you will have to live it to understand it.

You can not imagine how many times you will repeat the word impressive!

Nile River Egypt

Day 4: Cruise on the Nile-Kom Ombo

The trip continues its course sailing down the Nile, enjoying beautiful views in the tranquility of your boat.

Next destination is the temple of Kom Ombo, another example of the majesty of those times; This site is the only one of its kind, it is a double and symmetrical temple, which includes duplicate entrances, patios, rooms, chapels and sanctuaries in honor of 2 gods, Sobek and Haroeris.

In addition to the sites mentioned, you can take the opportunity to consult for a visit to the Temple of the Sun of Ramses the Great, in Abu Simbel, on the southern tip of the limits of ancient Egypt. It is an optional visit that promises to surprise you like the others.

Day 5: Luxor

Already on the fifth day of a dream trip, it is time to get to know Luxor early, an Egyptian city built on the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes, capital of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

The tour will take you to two iconic places in the country such as the Karnak Temple, considered the most important pharaonic site in Egypt; then continue to the magnificent Temple of Luxor, with its impressive avenue of the Sphinxes that join it to the previous one.

Walking among these impressive sculptures will never cease to amaze you.

An interesting fact is that in front of the Great Lake there is a small monument in which, according to tradition, you must go around 7 times and it will bring a lot of luck to your life, try it, all good energy adds up.

Here it is time to say goodbye to the Nile River Egypt, enjoy one last night on the boat.

Nile River Egypt

Day 6: Luxor-Hurghada, Red Sea

After having visited the East of Luxor the day before, it’s time to change sides, the West awaits you with its impressive attractions.

Start the day with a tour that will guide you to the famous Valley of the Kings, the richest archaeological site in the world, with 62 tombs, 10 of them open to the public; Among the most outstanding is the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

These wonders of the Egyptian world will impress you with their hieroglyphs that are preserved in very good condition with their almost intact paint and unique quality in their details; something more than impressive if we consider that they are works made millennia ago.

Continue your way to the extraordinary Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir al-Bahri), of great historical significance as it was built for the only woman who ruled Egypt as pharaoh.

After that, the Colossi of Memnon, the last vestiges of the temple of Amenophis III, will be another attraction that you can admire.

After a day full of intense activity, it will be time to change course, say goodbye to the Nile River Egypt and head to the beautiful city of Hurghada, on the Red Sea.

Nile River Egypt

Day 7 and 8: Hurghada

Already installed in a comfortable hotel, this day is dedicated to strolling through this beautiful city on the shores of the Red Sea.

Hurghada will captivate you with its beaches with calm, transparent blue waters; a city very well prepared for tourism. Among the most recommended activities, snorkeling and diving are in the top 5, with very beautiful reefs to visit.

The tour of the city is not wasted, it is your opportunity to get to know something of the local life, you will also be able to find stores and shops of all kinds, you will learn to deal with large vendors, there will also be a wide gastronomic offer, camel meat is a option.

The El Mina Masjid Mosque, with a dazzling architecture, is one of the unmissable attractions, it is also nice to walk through the marina and even more so if it is at night, you cannot miss a safari to get to know the desert and the life of the Bedouins (nomads) , there are several proposals to do it.

Finally, find a place to enjoy the starry nights in the desert, you will love it.

Have your camera always ready, the photos in this destination will be a valued memory.

Nile River Egypt

Day 9: Cairo

If upon your arrival you felt that your visit to the beautiful Egyptian capital was incomplete, here you will be able to take the opportunity to discover more than one surprising destination.

On this day the tour of the city begins at the Egyptian Museum where the treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamun are found; the next stop will be in the coptic area of ​​old Cairo, there is the hanging church one of the oldest in Egypt.

Continue to the Mohamed Ali Mosque, which sits majestically on top of the Saladin Citadel; then continue on the way to the bazaar located in old Cairo, Khan El Khalili, stroll through its labyrinthine alleys, get acquainted with the vendors there are several souvenir shops and cafes.

Day 10: Farewell

After an intense circuit in this incredible trip with “The Best Of Egypt On A Nile River Cruise” it is time to say goodbye to a fascinating destination; The good thing is that it can be a start to continue getting to know Egypt or embark on new international trips. You deserve it, encourage yourself to travel more!


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