How nice that it is already April and how nice to write to you!

Back this way and back to the travel life. Again with many things to share.

We miss them.

As always, it is sweet to write to you and share a bit of those other universes that I share with Paco.

This time we went to the big apple. We were in NYC for 5 days and we want to tell you EVERYTHING.

The first thing I want to share with you is that March was a month of many, many changes for me. I felt back in life, as if suddenly everything in my life was working again. And the trip to NYC was like that celebration of standing again in life.

The first feeling when I arrive in NYC and see myself standing, among all those impressive buildings and among so many people around us, I will never forget.

It was like a first look at life, after so many months in quarantine, with anxieties and that fear that the pandemic caused us so much. I looked up, I looked at my feet, my hands, sideways, and it was there, alive, after all.

Seeing myself next to Paco in that universe that is NYC, has been one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.

The passing of my mother, pandemic life, hundreds of new beginnings, and being there. It has taken my soul to dance for a moment.

For me it will always be more important to tell you this, what is in the soul of travel, what gives meaning to everything, so that you feel that everything is worth it.

Because yes, traveling with a pet is a different and very beautiful universe and I want you to always keep in mind that everything is worth it, that it will always be beautiful to travel the world or at least get away from life as usual, to enjoy life with your pet in different corners of the world.

Traveling to NYC with a pet is possible, I would do it again, but it is not a comfortable trip.

The number of people in NYC. IT IS AWESOME, which is why it makes walking with pets a little uncomfortable.

Besides, the streets are too dirty and zero comfortable for our best friends.

The weather in March has not been ideal either, it is too cold to enjoy open areas or pet-friendly areas.

And the truth is that there is no better way to get to know NYC than on foot.

Walking that city is too beautiful, but with a pet it can be too uncomfortable because the streets are always full of people and our pets are at risk of being hurt.

In my case, I had to carry Paco all day for fear that someone might step on him or hurt him.

And after so many hours walking, physical exhaustion can be frustrating.

I use a special backpack for pets, it’s quite comfortable for short walks, but for long days like in NYC, it’s quite tiring.

I used the subway to move from one distant point to another, but I always preferred to walk.

Dogs are welcome on the metro as long as you can carry them inside their carrier or a special backpack for pets.

In my case it was easy because Paco is too small, but I saw a Labrador in a backpack. Nothing is impossible.

I also used the bus from the airport to my hotel in Times Square, on the bus they also accept pets, as long as you take them inside their carrier.

The hotel where I stayed is called: POD TIMES SQUARE is a pet-friendly hotel and the pet fee is $25 per night.

The location is excellent and I can recommend it.

Restaurants are not so friendly. I recommend you always check if the places are petfriendly. Many have a terrace but remember that in NYC there are always too many people (also many pets) and you can be disappointed.

Try to reserve the place.

In my case, I was very lucky to go with Paco to different places such as: THE NYC PUBLIC LIBRARY, O’HARAS BAR (a bar much loved by the world, thanks to its work in the 911 tragedy), the Grand Central, different department stores and of course; CENTRAL PARK.

It is such a beautiful place and so ideal to share with our best friends. It is among my most beautiful memories.

I recommend you rent a bike, take a ride and buy something simple to eat and spend an afternoon observing life from there.

It is a very big and fun park for our best friends.

DUMBO is another beautful place to spend an amazing afternoon in NYC. Seeing the sunset from that beautiful site will always be an incredible postcard.

You can get there by subway or cross the entire Brooklyn Bridge to get to DUMBO. Paco and I only cross part of the bridge, because there are always too many people.

Greenwich Village is another very nice place to walk and have some coffee, there are incredible stores, my favorite: Goods For Study. A paradise for writers.

It was 5 days in NYC, an incredible city, although I could say that “I lacked places to visit”, the truth is that I did not. Since I travel with Paco, I never miss being somewhere. I visit the places that open their doors to us and those that don’t, well that’s it

I do not cling to the plans of others, nor to the tourist guides. Those of us who travel with pets are more exposed to life, to luck, to other universes.

I advise you that if you travel to this city with your best friend, be aware of the number of people there may be and how uncomfortable it could be.

And that you always visit the official pages of the sites you want to visit, for example: it was not possible for me to visit HIGH LINE, pets are not allowed.

But without drama, NYC will always be a good option. It is beautiful to feel life from that place in the world, you get infected by the movement of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

And that is its magic, THE MOVEMENT.

If you have any more specific questions about NYC, you know where to write us: Instagram: KARLAANDPACO

With love, K

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