By: Luz Angelica Martínez Martínez

I love traveling and although I haven’t done it much, I think I know several places. I have enjoyed all the trips to the fullest, following many of Alan’s advice around the world; how to admire each place, its people, its culture, its gastronomy and the incredible landscapes.

My adventure through the United Arab Emirates has the peculiarity that I did it alone. The agency supported me with the flights and the hotel, I contracted the tours on my own with an agency from Cairo Memphis Tour (which, it is worth mentioning, was excellent and fulfilled everything promised).

Adrenaline in full swing, at the beginning of my trip, the flight from CDMX was delayed so the connecting flight in Paris had to be adjusted. Upon arriving in Dubai, the uncertainty of whether they would come for me or having to venture to take the metro. The hotel was in the Pakistani area, small, new, but beautiful with pastel colors, super clean and top-notch service. My English is not very good but I can defend myself, but Arabic or Pakistani is better with the translator. The hotel restaurant served typical and exquisite food which was an experience for my palate, the attention of 10.

Memphis Tour arrived for me at the established time in comfortable luxury vans and with them I met: Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab hotel, Palm Island and Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Marina Dubai, modern Dubai, ancient Dubai, cruise ship and Abu- Dabi. The guides were Pakistanis who spoke Spanish, only for the desert dinner and dune adventure was an Arab (who was not very friendly). The Pakistanis explained to me how to go to the dancing fountains (by subway) and to the framework that divides old and modern Dubai (by taxis).

I also walked around the hotel, impeccably clean streets, surprisingly there are no garbage cans because it is prohibited to throw garbage, you have to carry it with you. The security is impressive, it is a very safe country. It is striking that everyone loves and respects their rulers and kings, they are proud of their country (of course if they don’t they are punished). It is noteworthy that there are people from all countries in the world, since it is one of the strongest economies; Wealth is seen at every step, buildings, technology, cars, elegance, etc.

On each tour I had the opportunity to do it with different people of different nationalities: Americans, New Zealanders, English, Argentinian, Colombian, even Mexicans (sadly the most bloody ones). Which was gratifying to share with each of them and enjoy their company.

I will not comment on the description of each place, since Alan is the expert. I loved sharing my experience and emphasizing that it was not very expensive, since I was able to get to know Dubai without going to luxurious hotels, which was a relief for my budget.




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