One of the richest cultural experiences in the United States is offered by Miami, a perfect destination to spend an unforgettable vacation.

Miami’s neighborhoods are home to everything you can imagine. Street art that attracts visitors demonstrates creativity and gives old buildings a different life. They look themselves restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, galleries, natural parks, beaches and museums. Surely you will find what you need to have a good time.

Spring is one of the best times to visit the city. The temperatures are pleasant, apart from the fact that you will find endless activities to do outdoors. Many prefer summer to go to the beaches, however, the weather is scorching. Therefore, if you will be exposed to the sun, it is important that you take care of hydration. If you want a bit of culture, in the months of October and November there are events such as the book fair and different relevant festivals.

There are various modes of transportation. The train system works very well, with connections to different parts of the city. The same is true of buses, taxis, and rental car services. Don’t worry about accommodation. There is something for all tastes and budgets. In this case, it is advisable to visit the specialized pages to find the best available offer.

For you to enjoy your experience in Miami to the fullest, we have made this guide that shows some of the best places you can visit. As you will see, it is a destination for all types of travelers, since there is always something fun and entertaining to do.

Distrito Art Deco

In this area of ​​Miami you will find 100 buildings that have been designed based on this architectural format. It is located at the southern end of South Beach and is considered a treasure by its inhabitants. The main feature is the geometric figures based on cubes, straight lines and spheres with signs illuminated by neon lights. The best time to see the show in its splendor is at night, so reserve at least a few hours on one of the days you’re in town.

Little Havana

The largest amount of Cuban population living in the United States is found in this neighborhood. 98% of the inhabitants are Latino. The main reference is the famous Calle 8, where you can enjoy a nostalgic and festive atmosphere. Exquisite cuisine is offered at affordable prices. Along with the above, you can visit the Walk of Fame, the Máximo Gómez Park and if you go in March, it is impossible not to catch the street party.

South Beach

It is one of the most popular and crowded places in Miami. White sands and shallow waters predominate, ideal for spending the day enjoying the sun. There is a path by the sea where there are gyms, volleyball courts and other outdoor attractions. In the area it is also common to find people skating on the long sidewalks. His fame has spread due to the television series and movies that have been filmed.

biscayne bay

A boat ride through this area is one of the best things to do in Miami. Cruise ships depart from the port and stop at the islands of Star, Palm and Hibiscus, places where the mansions of famous personalities are located. The routes last approximately one hour, in which the guides show you important and curious details. The main recommendation is to take the tour in the late afternoon. Check the prices and select the one that is cheapest.

Everglades National Park

It is considered one of the natural wonders of the United States. It has the distinction of Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by Unesco. In the extension of 6,000 square kilometers, hundreds of unique species are protected. At different points there are trails with viewpoints that respect the natural habitat of the animals. If you go in a private car, you can do the tour without problems. Otherwise, you have the option of booking a tour or excursion offered by local agencies.


Those who have enough budget can take the highway and travel 340 kilometers from Miami to visit Walt Disney World theme parks and Universal Orlando. In addition, there are others that are not so well known and that are worth knowing. You can choose according to your tastes and preferences, but fun is guaranteed. You should bear in mind that in high season the movement is strong, so you will have to wait in long lines before entering.

Bayside Marketplace

Most travelers like to shop in the city they visit. One of the best alternatives in Miami is the Bayside Market Place, which It houses 150 exclusive brand stores inside. In addition, there are numerous places to eat or drink something with live music shows. That is a central point from which the cruises that visit the main beaches that are on the coast leave.

Coral Gables

This beautiful neighborhood is located in the center of the city. There you can discover all the colonial architecture in the purest European style. In addition there are luxurious mansions with beautiful Mediterranean gardens. You will be able to observe the Baltimore Hotel, which was built in 1926 surrounded by stories and mysteries. And very close is the Venetian Pool, a huge pool that thousands of travelers visit each year.


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