A new study ranks the 10 scariest places on the planet to travel in the Month of the Dead.

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A new study by iVisa, which ranks the 10 spookiest countries in the world to travel to on Halloween, has revealed that Mexico is one of the most terrifying destinations on the planet due to the large number of legends and alleged ghost sightings.

To create the list of spookiest destinations, iVisa scoured the internet to see which places were most recommended by Halloween fans looking for spooky places to visit.

The research results confirm that Mexico is the only country in South America that appears among the 10 scariest in the world to visit on Halloween. Specifically, it is located in the 3rd place on the list thanks to the Isla de las Muñecas in Xochimilco. In the list, European cities stand out, such as London (United Kingdom) in first place due to attractions with chilling legends such as the Tower of London; Paris (France) in second place, with the sinister catacombs that house the remains of more than 6 million people; or Edinburgh (Scotland), which ranks fourth for the terrible stories hidden in its walls.

Scariest Places in the World
(Visa, 2022)

Here’s the full top 10 and a review of why these places are so creepy:

London, United Kingdom: London’s past makes it the most terrifying city in the world.

  • Tower of London: Many believe that it is haunted. Some say that the ghost of Anne Boleyn still haunts the ground holding her head under her arm.

Aldgate East Station: Built over one of the largest plague pits in the city. During a two-week period in 1665, more than 1,000 people were buried there.

Paris, the capital of France, is better known as the “city of love”. However, there is a darker side:

  • The Catacombs: An underground labyrinth that houses the remains of more than six million people.

The castle and gardens of Versailles: The most haunted place in France, home to the ghost of Marie Antionette and 18th-century nobles who (allegedly) roam its grounds.

Xochimilco, Mexico:

  • The island of the dolls: Years ago, a local girl drowned in the river and the island’s caretaker was unable to save her. Shortly after her death, a doll appeared in the same area as her body, so the caretaker hung the doll on a tree to honor her spirit. Apparently, her spirit never left.

Edinburgh, Scotland, is a cultural center known for its beauty. But what makes her so terrifying?

  • Edinburgh Castle: Home to the ghost of the Gray Lady, a 16th century noblewoman. She has been seen in the castle, sometimes just wandering around and crying.
  • at the edinburgh theater resides a ghost named Albert, or the “man in the gray coat.” Apparently, he ended his life in the building and has been haunting him ever since.

Bhangarh, India, known for its royalty and listed as one of the most haunted places in India:

  • Bhangarh Fort: The government bans visitors from entering after sunset and before sunrise, due to the “black magic” curse that was cast centuries ago.

Venice, in Italy, is considered one of the most picturesque cities. But the island of Poveglia makes it creepier.

  • The island of Poveglia: Hundreds of years ago, the island was used to isolate the sick. It is rumored that 160,000 people died there, coming kicking and screaming knowing they were doomed to die in hell on earth.

BanffCanada is the place to be for lovers of outdoor activities, but it’s also terrifying:

  • El Hotel Fairmont Banff: A popular vacation spot with a dark past. Paranormal activity has been frequently recorded. Legend has it that it is the scene of some unspeakable murders, suicides and accidents.

HonshuJapan, is the main and largest island, where Tokyo is located.

  • Aokigahara: Known as Japan’s Suicide Forest, Aokigahara is a place where many have ended their lives.

Brissac-QuinceFrance, its aesthetic is picturesque, but it is also terrifying:

  • Brissac Castle: Home of La Dame Verte (The Ghost of the Green Lady), supposedly murdered in the 15th century by her husband after being unfaithful.

Cape Town (South Africa): warm climate, busy ports and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. However, it is also creepy for the following reason;

  • The Castle of Good Hope: Apparently, an amorphous figure is heard arguing with itself, and the tower bell rings by itself.

As we head into the scariest season of the year, this research acts as the perfect travel guide on which places to visit for a truly spooky experience.

specific destination, region and country to get the ultimate list of “scary” destinations.

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