Mexico is a country full of magic, good music, exotic places and excellent gastronomy. In this last point, special reference can be made to its sauces, since each dish has one to accompany everything, which not only highlights its flavors, but also gives it an important visual touch.

Mexican sauces are essential to be able to give the dishes the right point of heat, as well as fully balance it and integrate each of the elements. They make the food not dry and the nuances can be appreciated without too much difficulty.

Therefore, having the recipes of Mexican food is to have a long list of possibilities for sauces, according to the taste of each person and the needs of the dish.

Sauce as an essential component

As for the spicy, Mexicans are known for the large number of sauces that they can prepare taking into account the ingredients they have. The important thing is that most, if not all of their preparations, are found seasoned with a sauce that makes the dish meaningful.

In general, even healthy dishes of Mexicans have this characteristic element, which is often missed if it does not accompany the dish.

Red, green, black, brown and other colored sauces are proof of the extensive Mexican gastronomy and its repertoire of preparations.

Tips for making a good sauce

In Mexico, the main ingredients for a sauce are: tomato, whether green, yellow or red, chili (depending on the type you want), onion and garlic. Other products can be added, but these are the basics of any sauce.

In a matter of chilies, it is best to choose according to the flavor that you want to provide to the sauce, counting on hotter chili peppers, others sweeter, some that are acidic and others that are not. The essential thing is to determine which one is the best at each moment.

In addition, the cooking of food is essential for the desired result. This means that, if the products are used raw, roasted, boiled, fried, ground, chopped, dried, among others, each version will give a completely different result and must be taken into account when making the sauce in question.

Likewise, it is imperative to know how to choose the quality of the ingredients to be used, selecting only the best quality, to avoid problems with flavor or integration of the products.

Also, the texture of the sauce must be taken care of very well, reducing the chances that there are whole pieces of the ingredients, that it is very liquid or excessively thick. Things that can completely damage the preparation that is being done.

On the other hand, for everything to be perfect, it is best to try everything, with the approval of the palate to determine if the sauce is good or requires some other element that further improves the matter.

Complement with Knorr

Knorr is a food products company that is responsible for the preparation of concentrated broths, soups and creams, all packaged in ready-to-use sachets according to instructions.

These types of products are ideal for creating new proposals for sauces, as well as for flavoring existing ones. Their broths or creams can add an interesting value to the flavor of any preparationso it is important to always have one of these proposals when cooking.

Even these concentrates can get anyone out of trouble, since chicken or beef broths may be needed for sauces, and it is very easy to prepare them with these high-quality elements.

Salsa is an emblem for Mexicans and their gastronomy, regardless of the type of sauce in question. This makes your food much more attractive and rich on the palate, so it is essential to know how to prepare each of the available options.


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