Dreams are stories that our mind recreates while we sleep and its interpretation will help us understand various situations that happen to us on a daily basis, but knowing the meaning of dreams is often not as simple as it seems, since it is necessary to resort to serious and reliable sources so as not to fall into controversies or bad meanings.

What is Dream Interpretation?

Of course, for a correct interpretation of dreams we need to be very clear about the concept, which is basically the art and technique of assigning meaning to the various elements, components and the images that appear in them.

Once we understand it and understand it, then we have two ways to go, one is to go to an expert on the subject or the simplest, but no less professional, that of resorting to the Internet to do it.

On the Internet we can use the dictionary of dreams where you will find the meaning of any dream since it is a specialized dictionary, perfectly organized, and with a way of explaining it that from the first reading it will be very clear to you what the dream is about that you had.

What are the most common dreams?

Although we all have dreams, not all of us necessarily remember them, and many times we only remember part of them.

According to experts, the ideal is to have a notebook and a pen next to our bed so that as soon as we wake up we write down everything we remember and thus be able to find the meaning of each one of them.

Dream With Mariachi

Dream With Mariachi

Among the most common dreams is that of dreaming of mariachis singing, and yes, I know that the first thing that came to mind was a smile, but the reality is that we can dream of completely unlikely situations, but we must never forget that there will always be a clear explanation for each of them.

In very concrete terms dreaming of mariachis predicts complicated situations in the short term which may well last from a few days to a few weeks.

Of course, we must go into a complete explanation since when it comes to interpreting dreams there are also some solutions to get ahead in each situation that arises.

It is also very important never autosuggestbut rather, be attentive to the situations that arise and give them an effective and early solution.

Dream About Blue Water

The above confirms it since dreaming of blue water means that you will have an important change in your life, usually in the professional area.

For this reason, it is essential that you be attentive to any situation that arises in your professional life, and to the dreams you have at this stage of your life.

Dreaming of New Sandals

Dreaming of New Sandals

Dreaming of new sandals is another of the most recurring dreams that we usually have. This dream announces the end of compromising situations, which will undoubtedly open new paths in all areas of your life.

This dream also usually has other interpretations, although generally very similar, so it will always be a very good idea to read them and thus continue solving the problems and situations that arise in our lives.


Whatever dream you have, never autosuggestion yourself before what you read about it, since in the end it is precisely about them: interpretations.

Although of course it will also be very important to know them and thus continue enjoying our dreams, whatever comes along.

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