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A women’s event for all people who love family trips

  • Answers to a lot of questions related to family travel: choosing the first destination, creating a safe environment on the move, what to do in case of illness…
  • Tools to manage fears, the needs of all family members, 24×7 coexistence, moments of tension…
  • Inspiration and ideas about kid friendly destinations.
  • Meet and share with other families with enthusiasm and desire to explore the world.

Inspiring talks by women travelers, talks by experts, workshops, toy library, market, meditation…

How many times have we heard that motherhood and travel are two antonyms. How many women have told us that they did not consider motherhood because they did not want to give up being able to continue doing what they are passionate about: exploring the world. How many are the myths and fears that emerge from within us and are encouraged by the information that comes to us from the environment when we say that we are going on a trip to certain places with our little ones. Guilt if something doesn’t turn out how we imagined. The panic that they will get sick. A whole storm of emotions that make many families decide to stop enjoying a leisure activity that they enjoyed the most before having children. To respond to all this, we have organized the MAMA TRAVEL FEST together with two other traveling moms: Carla Llamas (@lamaletadeCarla) and Silvia Romero (@SilviaExplorer).

Who is welcome at Mama Travel Fest?

This festival is designed by and for traveling mothers, but it is not exclusively for them. Parents, children and even grandparents are also welcome. An event also focused on women who are not yet mothers but want to be and do not want to stop traveling. An event to debunk myths and beliefs about traveling with children and in which to fill us with inspiration and learning to continue sharing destinations as a family, regardless of whether they are more local destinations or big trips to the other side of the world.

The Mama Travel Fest is a day in which women are the protagonists but who do not want to leave aside all the people who are part of their lives. And it is born precisely from the need to make travel visible and normalize after maternity and all the benefits that it entails for families as another leisure and fun activity.

What will happen at the Mama Travel Fest?

During the day they will happen experiential talks from traveling moms Lucía Sánchez (@algoqrecordar), Sílvia Romero (@silviaexplorer) and Carla Llamas (@lamaletadecarla), organizers of the event and creators of the Mama Travel community, as well as Sofía Giusiano, who grew up in a traveling family. There will also be expert presentations of health and pedagogy such as Dr. Elena Blanco and Dr. Gonzalo Oñoro (@dospediatrasencasa), the expert in conscious play Cristina Saraldi (@cristinasaraldi) and the expert pedagogue in green pedagogy Gloudina Greenacre ( In addition to a guided meditation by Silvia Romero.

In the space, a toy library service for families over 4 years of age who need it. There will also be a space designed especially for the little ones where they can move freely accompanied by an adult.

The Mama Travel Fest will also feature a flea market area with stands of the sponsors and brands related to the three pillars of the event: motherhood, travel and sustainability. In addition to product sales and meeting brands related to the event, attendees will be able to enjoy dynamics that will allow them to win very appealing prizes.

In an event in which so many things are going to happen, the attendees will be welcomed with a welcome pack very complete: a Mama Travel Fest tote bag with a #SoyMamaTraveler pin and products also related to the philosophy of the event.

Sponsors and collaborators

The Mama Travel Fest is sponsored by Iati Seguros, one of the travel insurance companies with the most presence in the sector; LEVEL, the low cost airline that connects Barcelona with different capitals in America; and Newblue, the tour operator that offers two specific products for families among its services: Kids Friendly and Kids&me.

The collaborators of the event are nothe brand of products related to the introduction of complementary feeding from 6 months of life of babies; Home Exchangethe home exchange platform, which will organize a toy exchange at its flea market stand so that attendees can bring toys that they no longer use and take away others; Tula, babywearing specialists, who will organize a babywearing workshop for those mothers or mothers-to-be (and families) who are interested; Y Runbottmanufacturers of bottles and other stainless steel travel items, will ensure that #MamaTravelers do not go thirsty with the installation of a free water fountain for all.


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