Magical towns of Yucatan, what are they?” is a post that invites you to discover the beauties of southern Mexico, with unique and incredible places that, if you don’t know yet, is really a sin.

Traveling is always a pleasure and if you add to that the charm of a Magical Town, the experience becomes even more fascinating… Those who have already visited one, don’t let me lie…

In Yucatan you find 4 Magical Towns, all a short time from the state capital, the beautiful Mérida; Izamal at one hour, Maní at one hour 15 min, Sisal at one hour 20 min, Valladolid at 2 hours 10 minutes.

Each of the aforementioned destinations has its own special attraction… Let’s get to know together some of what can be found…

As soon as you arrive, the city surprises you with its very well preserved colonial-style buildings painted yellow; a very beautiful scene to portray.

Among the first activities to enjoy in this magical town is trying the gastronomic delights of Yucatecan cuisine, a good option is to go to the town market and let yourself be carried away by the recommendations to choose your best dish.

A little help, the cochinita pibil is the star menu and you find it in various preparations, you can accompany it with a rich chaya water.

Founded in the mid-16th century on the remains of an ancient Mayan city, Izamal has different attractions, the imposing San Antonio de Padua Ex-Convent, there are also several Mayan archaeological sites in the town such as Kinich Kakmó, Xal Tun Ha, Ixtul, etc. ., the Plaza de los Cañones, are unmissable.

Add to that the tour of lights at night and a visit to the craft workshops, you will surely like it.

The tour in cove is a nice experience, you also have other options such as biking or a motorcycle tour, any alternative is good to discover the beautiful corners of the town.

If you go in December you may be lucky enough to witness the festival in honor of the Virgen de la Purísima Concepción, when the vaquerías are held, a well-known traditional celebration.

magical towns of yucatan


Of the 4 magical towns of Yucatan, Maní is the least known, but that does not mean that it is a very beautiful place that deserves you to spend time getting to know.

The former Convent of San Miguel Arcángel is one of the most emblematic sites of the place, with an outstanding architecture that surprises with its imposing building, and upon entering the enclosure the admiration will be even greater, 16th century murals, paintings and its beautiful altar, they will leave you speechless.

However, not everything was good there, the Mayans suffered the atrocities of the auto de fe, find out what happened.

A few steps from there you will find the Municipal Palace, another of the places to photograph; Artisan exhibitions are usually held in the place on weekends, a good opportunity to take the opportunity to buy beautiful handicrafts and products made by locals and help the local community.

During your visit, keep in mind that it is a meliponiculturist town and its products made from honey are unique.

The walk through the town will also fascinate you, go for a bike tour, get to know the Xcabachen cenote; visit the gastronomic places and try the typical dishes, the Poc Chuc is the most famous, and accompany it with a refreshing lime water, you will need it.

Photo: Unknown Mexico

Perhaps one of the most famous destinations in Yucatan, a must-see if you are on your way to Chichen Itza, either from Merida or from one of the beautiful destinations in the Mexican Caribbean.

The cobbled streets will make your walks a charming experience, so you can admire the architecture of the town that stands out for its beautiful colored facades.

The main square La Mestiza and right in front of the Temple of San Gervasio, are two of the emblems of this beautiful place; You also have to visit the former Convent of San Bernardino, the Calzada de los Frailes, the Casa de los Venados, the Murem Museum, etc.

The gastronomic experience will not disappoint you, whether you visit the market, the snack stalls or a restaurant, the dishes are a delicacy; try the chaya empanadas, some tamales, the papatzules, some marquesitas for dessert are not bad either.

And being there, the cenotes, in addition to being one of the main attractions, will become something very necessary to cope with the heat of the area; Some of the options are Sací, Suytun, Selva Maya, Samulá and X´Kekén, Ox´Man, etc.

At night the city becomes very beautiful full of lights and you can not miss the light and sound show in the Ex Convent of San Bernardino.

magical towns of yucatan

Sisal, another of the magical towns of Yucatan

To finish, we present the icing on the cake, Sisal, another of the magical towns of Yucatan, the only one located on the beach.

Recognized as a magical town in 2020, this destination is perfect for those seeking the beauty of the sea, white sand and a lot of tranquility.

Being very close to Mérida, you can very well combine the activities of both places to enjoy the charms of the state capital with the natural beauty of Sisal.

In principle, the day at the beach is the best, the beach is wide and the sea is very calm; In addition, near the pier you will find several places where you can eat delicious menus such as ceviche, octopus with garlic mojo also tastes very good or a snail carpaccio may interest you.

Do not miss a boat ride through the mangrove where, in addition to appreciating the beauty of the landscapes and contact with nature, you can learn more about its importance for the ecosystem; You can also go kayaking and bird watching.

Check for activities in the water, there are a variety of options for all tastes.

In the town there are few places to visit so with a bike ride you can get to know them and enjoy a nice activity; some of them are the lighthouse, the Fort of Santiago, the pier, the main street, the kiosk and of course, along the way, the beautiful murals that tell the story of Sisal.

magical towns of yucatan


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