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Magical towns in Oaxaca. How many and what are they?” invites you to discover and enjoy those beautiful corners of Mexico that make you fall in love with their traditions, architecture, natural beauty, gastronomy and much more…

If you think of Oaxaca, you already imagine the Guelaguetza, a tasty coffee, a cheese that delights you, beautiful embroidered textiles, beaches and surf, and mezcal can’t be missing either; the list goes on and on with more tourist attractions, perfect excuses not to miss a place.

The magical towns in Oaxaca are perfect representatives of the beauty of the state, each one has that special something…

Oaxaca is a state located in the southwestern region of Mexico, it has an extensive coastline on the Pacific Ocean where renowned tourist destinations such as the bays of Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Zipolite, Mazunte and Chacahua are located.

It is also one of the most mountainous states in the country, in that region the Sierra Madre Oriental, the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Sierra Atravesada intersect, achieving unique landscapes that are home to several populations.

It is in this extensive territory where the 6 magical towns of Oaxaca are located, fascinating places that we are going to get to know a little more.

Magical towns in Oaxaca

Capulalpam de Méndez

Located in the Sierra Norte, 73 km from the state capital, Capulálpam is a very quiet town that allows you to enjoy peace in the middle of the mountain.

Its main square is very pretty and the stone streets that surround it create a perfect setting for strolling and admiring the town’s architecture with adobe houses and tiled roofs.

Schedule a visit to the temple of San Mateo Apóstol, its interior has details that will leave you speechless; Also, going up to the Mirador de la Cruz Blanca, located at the top of the mountain, or visiting the Mirador del Calvario, are amazing experiences.

It is interesting to know more about the history of Méndez and his role as teacher of Benito Juárez, ask the local people, they will surely tell you with pride.

Visit the community ecological tourism complex, a highly recommended place for a day of picnic, to enjoy beautiful and well-preserved natural environments where you can practice activities such as rappelling, climbing and zip lines.

Also, you can not miss trying a delicious trout from the farm at the Los Molinos restaurant that is located on the spot.

Recognized as one of the magical towns in Oaxaca in 2007, it has more options to visit as a reserve for the protection of deer, with an exhibition of local flora and fauna, the Los Sabinos Recreational Park, the Traditional Indigenous Medicine Center , among other places that may interest you.

Photo: Government of Oaxaca


Beautiful fishing village on the shore of the Pacific, perfect to enjoy nature in an eco-friendly place with a calm and very relaxed atmosphere.

The beaches are its main attraction, it has the main beach with wide sandbanks and a sea with a few waves, other beaches are Mermejita, San Agustinillo, La Ventanilla, El Rinconcito, some more suitable than others for swimming. If you are interested in doing nudism, go to Zipolite, it is the right place.

You can also encourage yourself to practice water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding, kitesurfing; You can take classes or if you already have practice, rent a board and enjoy.

If you like marine animals, schedule your trip between December and March to meet the whales, there are different tours so you don’t miss out on that experience.

On the other hand, the Mexican Turtle Center is one of the places of protection and conservation of the sea turtle, an educational space where you can learn and admire the different species.

Punta cometa is the recommended place to see incredible sunsets, it is almost a must, where nature awaits you to surprise you.

The walks through the town lead you to discover hippie spaces and immerse yourself in the bohemian vibe of the place; You will find little bars, cafes, several shops and a lot of good energy to take advantage of the day as you like.

Magical towns in Oaxaca

Huautla de Jimenez

254 km from Oaxaca de Juárez, the state capital, we find a scattered population on the mountainside, which surprises with its sunrises in the middle of the fog and incredible views that arrive with the passing of the hours.

In the center, the clock tower and the church in honor of San Juan Evangelista, are the main points to visit.

If your walk through the destination is on a Sunday, you can enjoy the market that is available in front of the Municipal Palace, the perfect time to taste the local delicacies and buy some nice souvenirs.

Try the yellow mole, roasted bone mole and add a sour atole, a drink that if you like, they say that this town is your place.

Discover the mysticism of Huautla on the way to Cerro de la Adoración, in the Fortín, where you find the house-museum of Maria Sabina, a Mazatec spiritual guide.

The Velo de Novia Waterfall is another of the most visited tourist spots and it is really worth getting there, crossing the suspension bridge and enjoying the water is an unforgettable experience and its beauty is indescribable.

Another surprise of this beautiful destination, magical town of Oaxaca since 2015, is the one that awaits you just one hour from there, the Sótano de San Agustín, a system of caverns with an entrance of 20 meters, 72 km long, 1,500 meters deep, considered the deepest in America.

Photo: Unknown Mexico

San Pablo Villa de Mitla

This magical town is located 1 hour from Oaxaca de Juárez, it was recognized as such in 2015, it also has another award thanks to the prehistoric caves of Yagul and Mitla, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2010 .

In the center we find the church in honor of San Pablo Apóstol, built with the remains obtained from the destruction of the Zapotec ceremonial center.

The main square and its kiosk are part of the majestic settings, ideal postcards for your photos.

Take time to walk through the town, you will find a tourist walkway with shops that sell many beautiful products made of leather, embroidered textiles, products made on a loom, ceramic handicrafts, etc.

Ask where you can find a loom workshop, there you will learn how textiles are made and you can also buy fabrics and other products already made.

Another activity that has to be in your travel program is a visit to a mezcal factory, a typical drink that you have to try, there are several versions, some of which you will like.

The archaeological zone of Mitla is impressive, inhabited by Zapotecs and later by Mixtecs, today it is one of the most visited places by tourists who admire the architectural beauty of the 5 groups of buildings that make it up, with frets and monolithic columns that stand out there .

Magical towns in Oaxaca

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Teposcolula

It was the most important political and commercial center in the area in colonial times; declared one of the magical towns in Oaxaca around 2010, it captivates with its architectural beauty.

One of the most surprising buildings is the Colonial Conventual Complex, from the 16th century, with a tequitqui art façade, where you will find the largest open chapel in Latin America and the Santa Gertrudis chapel.

Other outstanding constructions are the Municipal Palace, the Casa de la Cacica, the colonial constructions of Alarcón with the Caja de Agua and its different springs, all of which deserve to be visited.

In the center, a walk through the square will be very pleasant and do not forget to visit the Portalito de Dolores, with a corridor where you can find many local products such as liqueurs and creams, sweets, handicrafts, palm woven products, etc.

On your tour, go ahead and try a molote, you will surely find a stall that sells them, a delight for your palate and the chilacayote water will be an ideal complement.

If you want to be in contact with nature, a tour to the La Peña and Las Nubes viewpoints will fascinate you.

Photo: Wendy Hernández

Santa Catarina Juquila

Located in the Sierra Sur of the state, 200 km from the capital and 65 km from the beach, a very beautiful place that was declared a magical town in December 2020.

This destination is very visited by pilgrims who come to visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Juquila; the façade of the church as well as its interior are very beautiful, full of details to admire.

A recommendation that applies to this and all the magical towns you visit is to go to the local market, in this destination it is called Mercado Miguel Hidalgo, a perfect place to try delicious local dishes, find a variety of products and souvenirs from the place.

Take advantage of your visit to tour the center, admire the architecture of the town and visit the different shops in the area, try the dishes with the local seasoning and a delicious bread that you cannot miss.

Take the opportunity to consult the tourist service modules for the artisan workshops, a unique opportunity to learn about wood carving and chaquira embroidery.

For nature lovers, Chorro Conejo is a good plan. After a 20-minute walk in the middle of the mountain, you find a very beautiful 30-meter waterfall.

Río Olla is another of the most visited natural sites, ideal to enjoy your day outdoors.

Magical towns in Oaxaca

Photo: Unknown Mexico

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