Work, house, or shopping for the house, school, and again work, house, and so the routine of the week goes, but it is time to take a break; we are going to see an attractive alternative in “Magical Towns in Morelos. How many and what are they?“.

There are many of us who get up every day to fulfill the tasks that touch us, some more pleasant than others, it is not a matter of complaining, but there are times when one gets tired, for this reason, it is a great idea to prepare a backpack with the just and go on a little trip for one or two days…

The magical towns of Mexico will always be that little place that invites you to spend a pleasant day, with beautiful places to discover, gastronomy to try and many activities to enjoy.

In this opportunity, we present you the magical towns in Morelos, options that you will surely want to add to your travel agenda…

Magical towns in Morelos. How many and what are they?

The state of Morelos belongs to the central region of Mexico, bordering Mexico City and the State of Mexico to the north, Guerrero to the south and west, and Puebla to the east.

With a climate that averages around 20 degrees most of the year, it is a perfect destination to visit, it has attractions such as archaeological sites, fun spas and water parks, beautiful places where nature predominates with lakes, lush vegetation, hot springs and more.

Also the route of the convents and historical buildings are part of its impressive tourist offer.

Its capital, Cuernavaca, also deserves recognition, with its Cathedral, the Palace of Cortés and the Borda Garden as its main attractions, without neglecting the beauty of the city in general.

Obviously, in that list we must add the magical towns in Morelos, which are two, Tlayacapan and Tepoztlán, beautiful destinations where you can have a great time; Next, we tell you why…


Tlayacapan, a name in Nahuatl that means “on the tip of the earth”, “place of limits or boundaries” or “the nose of the earth”, was recognized as a magical town in 2011, a place full of traditions, many of them from those who lived there, the Olmecs and then the Xochimilcas.

The destination receives hundreds of visitors who enjoy its charms just an hour and a half from CDMX; It is worth mentioning that it is one of the few towns that preserves a large part of its original pre-Hispanic urban layout.

Upon your arrival you can visit the town market and start delighting yourself with gastronomic delights such as a tamale with ashes, a tlacoyo with cecina and nopal, or longaniza tacos.

Already with a full belly, the tour of the center is a very good plan, its cobbled streets, in addition to surprising you with its beauty, will guide you to its different attractions; one of them is the Ex-convent of San Juan Bautista, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Museo del Centro Cultural la Cerería, located in front of the main square and currently a cultural center, and the 18 neighborhood chapels, symbols of its architecture, should also have a place on your list of places to visit.

magical towns in Morelos

Photo: Government of Mexico

We’re not done yet…

On your walk through each of these streets, take time to learn about the work of the Tlayacapan artisans, you will find beautiful textiles, a wide variety of products made in clay, as well as delicious typical sweets.

To learn a little more about the history of the town, you can take a ride on the chinelo bus, a kind of small train in which you visit the main attractions, they offer you ice cream tastings and you will visit a pottery workshop. There are also motorcycle taxis that do tourist tours.

If you like activities in contact with nature, consider climbing the Cerro del Tlatoani, it is highly recommended; After crossing a narrow cave and climbing a pre-Hispanic staircase, you will discover faces carved in stone, followed by more pre-Hispanic vestiges, until you reach the temple located at the top.

And if you still have time, do not miss a visit to the nopal plantations and a fun time in a spa in the area, two unmissable activities.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a famous event in Mexico that has this beautiful destination as its protagonist, the Tlayacapan Carnival, which is celebrated three days before Ash Wednesday, a good time to enjoy local traditions and customs, its gastronomy and typical dances such as “el brinco del Chinelo”, the main character of the carnival.

magical towns in Morelos

Photo: Government of Morelos

This Magical Town, whose name in the Nahuatl language means “place of the copper axe” was recognized as such in 2010; It is located 83 km (1:21 hours) from CDMX, at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level, sheltered by the Cerro del Tepozteco.

Start your experience with a tour of the town, if you haven’t had a chance to have breakfast yet, visit the local market or a restaurant and ask for a typical dish, the pumpkin seed mole and the huazontles stuffed with cheese, they say they are very rich or you can try the red turkey mole, the itacates, among other delicious proposals.

Prepare your legs and take a bottle of water with you when it’s time to walk, its cobblestone streets accompany you to enjoy the beauty of the town, but it may be a bit tiring since many of them are on a slope.

Also, don’t worry, if your legs get tired, you can make several stops, there are many worthwhile murals and you can spend a few minutes taking a nice photo and getting some air while you’re at it.

The Temple and Former Convent of the Nativity are a must see and it will undoubtedly be a pleasure to discover its beauty; the Mural de Semillas is another work of art that you can appreciate in the same place.

The main square and its surroundings will take you some time as you will find many handicraft vendors and many local products that you will enjoy taking some time to choose that nice souvenir that you are going to take with you.

The Church of the Holy Trinity and the Carlos Pellicer Museum also promise to surprise you, consider a ride on the tepoz bus to learn a little more.

magical towns in Morelos

Something more of the mystical Tepoztlán…

Frequented by those who choose to enjoy a few days of peace, on El Tepozteco avenue you will find several proposals to pamper your body and mind, spa, temazcal, places with alternative therapy practices, an interesting option for many.

In that sense, if you want to connect with nature, visit the Pyramid of Tepozteco in El Tepozteco National Park, and at the beginning get to know the Axitla Cross, another activity to enjoy.

As a reward for your effort of so much walking, enjoy a delicious snow from Tepoztlán, there is a variety of new flavors that will delight your palate.

magical towns in Morelos


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