Low Season Why travel on these dates?” is a post to learn some travel tricks that many consider essential to enjoy a good vacation.

Knowing or identifying the different seasons to make a trip, depending on the chosen destination, can often be an excellent idea, although not everyone likes it, we cannot deny that they have some attractive benefits.

Think of a trip to Disney in high season, for example, during Halloween events. The time is ideal with a dazzling decoration and, without a doubt, unforgettable events, but the number of people you will find will be quite complex with what you will have to deal with and not to mention if you go with a large family and small children…

Although the above may be an extreme situation, the idea is that you consider that traveling in high season or low season will have its pros and cons, it will depend on the tastes of the traveler, which will have priority.

When is low season in Mexico?

To speak of low season is more or less to indicate, by default, the dates that are not in such high demand.

A first indicator can be obtained from the SEP calendar, which establishes the vacation periods during the school year and whose dates automatically become high season for vacations. We are talking about winter and summer holidays, XL weekends and Easter.

Under this concept, it can be said that, in general terms, in Mexico we have low season after August (start of classes), which extends during the months of September, October, November and the first weeks of December. With the exception of National Holidays, Day of the Dead.

We can also talk about low season when the end of the year celebrations pass, let’s say the end of January, February and March until Easter; to then add the days from the end of April, May and June that also count as low season.

If you want specific dates, visit our post with the SEP 2022-2023 calendar here.

Benefits and disadvantages of traveling in Low Season

travel costs

Perhaps it may seem obvious, the costs in low season in some destinations really do make a difference and it is a huge benefit for those who want to save money.

A matter of supply and demand means that prices on special dates are much higher for all the products and services offered for this or that destination.

Flights and hotels are more expensive, the same applies to tours, even souvenirs cost a little more, although it may happen that, in some services, hiring well in advance is the exception to the rule. For example, in the case of special offers in hot sales or discounts for airline celebrations, etc.

A suggestion, remember that in the Good End 2022 it can be a good opportunity to find good prices for hotels, flights and tours.

The disadvantage in this case has to do with the availability of certain services, it may happen that there are certain tours that are not enabled in low season, there are also hotels that do not have all their restaurants open or do not have special services such as kids club, everything It will depend on each particular case.

Low season

Amount of people

Another of the greatest advantages of the low season in Mexico or in other international destinations is being able to enjoy the spaces without so many people.

Similarly, this criterion will depend to a certain point on individual preferences, a group of friends who want to enjoy places with many people and meet people their own age is not the same as a family who wants to spend quality time walking quietly with their children.

It may also happen that during the holiday season in some hotels the restaurants need reservations, while in low season, it is not so necessary to do so.

On the other hand, there are destinations where it is difficult to enjoy the beaches as one would like and it is necessary to take more precautions such as arriving early to find a place, something that does not happen in the low season.

Low season

Low season

Possibility to enjoy the attractions

This point can be seen as an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time; Depending on the destination, there are many attractions that can be enjoyed much better, for example, it is not the same to enjoy El Cielo in Cozumel with many people, than to do it in the low season when there is no one or only very few people.

The same thing can happen in attractions such as archaeological sites that, although they occupy large spaces, queuing to enter is not as pleasant and even more so if it is very hot like in Chichen Itza.

The same rule applies in the case of entering a cenote somewhere in the Riviera Maya or in the Yucatan, you do not enjoy them the same with many people or even think about how nice it is to immerse yourself in one of the pools of the Tolantongo caves without so many folks, that sounds great.

But there are also places that are enjoyed with a greater turnout, it can be the Guelaguetza event in July in Oaxaca, enjoying the nightclubs in Acapulco or Cancun in high season with many people have a plus.

And if we talk about a disadvantage, in low season there are certain attractions that are not open, but it is very relative and it does not always happen in all destinations.

Special events

This is a great pro of the high season. It is very common that, on dates such as summer holidays, winter holidays and Easter, numerous events are organized in the most visited destinations.

To name a few, we have electronic parties in a cenote in Tulum, pool parties in Los Cabos, live shows in hotels in Puerto Vallarta, etc.

Special events are not usually common in low season, but it does not mean that there are destinations that offer entertaining and fun options.

In addition, there is another detail that may make this section relative, they are the special events in low season months such as the Balloon Festival or the Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, which usually takes place in October or November.

Low season

Final reflection

Whether it is low season or high season, the destinations in Mexico are incredible and you will surely find options to have a great time.

In any case, and even if the expense is doubled, knowing a destination in high season and in low season is worth it, so you can enjoy both experiences and it’s like knowing two different places. Try it and you’ll see…

Remember that we can help you with your trip, we await your contact on the Mexico Destinations website or at 8004440618.

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