By: Aleyda Ibarra

This year, following the travel plan that Alan has inspired me, I went on vacation again, to get to know another state of my beloved Mexico.

Unfortunately, Alan x the world, was not helpful in planning routes and places. The central idea was to visit the sanctuary of the Fireflies (Recommended by Alan x el mundo). But, take a trip from Baja California to Tlaxcala, just to get to know one place? Of course not.

So I decided to visit Puebla. To do this, I was accompanied by my daughter Kurenai, my nieces Getzemani and Dariana, and my sister Solbeix (what a value of them).

We rent a car to be able to spend more time in some places, and stay in more than one town. Booking was helpful to rent hotels and the car.

We did the tour, based on suggestions from another traveler. The problem is that we did not see or they did not explain well that we had to take some roads. So we went following the short route that the Maps marked. Mistake!!.

Well, when we went from Piedras Encimadas to Cuetzalan, we went along the mountain route. Between towns, some well cared for and urbanized, others very lonely, with dirt roads or very abandoned.

The good thing is that we always travel during the day. But 4 hours and a half that the journey lasted. The last hour was terrifying. The path seemed to lead to nothing. There was no pavement and the road was rocky and deformed from previous rains. At that time, we did panic. Fortunately everything went well.

Puebla is a very beautiful state, even more so if you like small towns, mornings with a pot of coffee (very tasty), enmoladas or chicken in mole sauce. The old facades, the picturesque alleys.

After Puebla, we go to the Firefly Sanctuary. It was a nice experience, although we did not see the show in all its splendor (a week ago, sleet had fallen and more than half of the fireflies had frozen). Visiting the sanctuary was the best, entering the forest and doing the daytime tour, while the guides reminded us that it has its own spirit, and that we should show respect and request permission to enter it.

I was scared at first, but after chatting with the forest, I felt welcome. Something that I wanted, because I plan that at the time of my departure, my ashes will be part of the sanctuary, in the forest.

The last destination on our trip was Teotihuacán. A great city, with an amazing history. I didn’t know half of the information they gave us.

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