Popularly known as San Fermin festivity The Sanfermines are not only a party, but are one of the biggest parties in the world that year after year is celebrated in the city of PamplonaSpain, in the first two weeks of July, and that contrary to what is thought, it is not just a running of the bulls, which is a free race of 875 meters in front of six wild bulls and six halters that guide them to the bullring, but also an endless number of activities that can be carried out and that are the perfect option not only to enjoy them, but to learn about Spanish traditions and culture in all its splendor.

Running of the Bulls Pamplona Spain

Festivities In Honor Of San Fermín

In the first instance you should know that the sanfermines They are held in honor of San Fermín, a Catholic saint and martyr who was also a missionary and who, according to oral tradition, is considered the first bishop of Pamplona, ​​although there is no documentary record of this.

Festivities In Honor To San Fermín de Amiens

In Sanfermines, this saint is celebrated with a great procession on July 7, which in turn marks the beginning of the San Fermin Holidays which will last until the 14th or 15th of the same month.

Culture, Music and Tradition in Los Sanfermines

Culture, Music and Tradition in Los Sanfermines

A party without music is not a party and for this the city of Pamplona paints itself as it has been the birthplace of great musicians, so it is not surprising that it has famous musicians from Pamplona recognized throughout the world such as Pablo Sarasate, Sabicas, Felipe Gorriti and Osambela, among many others.

For this reason, it is very common for the Sanfermines to honor each of these great musicians, as well as enjoying music of all kinds, dances, and endless activities that will make your stay in Pamplona a true jewel of entertainment. .

After all, as they say the party is in the street and Pamplona with its Sanfermines is the best example of this.

Curiosities of the Sanfermines

Curiosities of the Sanfermines

The Sanfermines are not exempt from curiosities and questions that we all want to know and perhaps one of the questions that people ask the most is that of celebrities red scarves that are usually used during parties.

In the first instance, red handkerchiefs are a hallmark of the typical Sanfermines clothing, which according to tradition must be tied around the neck during the time that these festivities take place.

Also according to tradition, before the launch of the rocket that announces the Sanfermines, and which is known as The Chupinazo of Pamplonapeople carry it in their pocket, on their wrist, or in their hand, and once the festivities start, people usually display it on air and quote at the top of their lungs:

“Viva San Fermin, Gora San Fermin”

And after that they tie it around the neck.

The Sanfermines Pamplona Spain

Undoubtedly, now that you know it, you will be ready to enjoy Los Sanfermines from the very beginning of the festival, and if you are very curious, you will love reading about other curiosities of the San Fermin festival that will undoubtedly You will love it.

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