If when preparing your 2024 New Year’s resolutions you include the phrase “Travel to…”, this post “Long weekends and official holidays 2024“must have your full attention…

For those of us who love to travel, having an updated agenda is a priority; We know that it is always a good idea to be more or less clear on which days we can enjoy a getaway to one of the most beautiful places that Mexico and the world has.

Even if you do not have the work presence limitations of the average worker or of parents with school-age children, knowing the official dates of the holidays helps, do not forget that on those days the prices may be higher, certain places will being full of tourists, added to other circumstances that can influence your expectations of a trip tailored to you…

It doesn’t matter what your case is, if you are already reading this post, grab your agenda and let’s write down the dates that interest us…

What days do the long weekends and holidays fall in 2024?

The SEP 2023 – 2024 calendar, now available, and the SEP 2024 – 2025 calendar, which we will only be able to consult in the middle of next year, are the best guides to the 2024 long weekends and holidays.

Considering the above, we will have half of the official information available regarding next year’s holidays until the new calendar is issued; But we can compensate for this by taking references from previous years with the list of fixed national holidays that are established under the criteria of art. 74 of the Federal Labor Law.

Let’s see month by month what days will be available for an incredible trip…

January 2024

January 1, Monday, Feriade bridge. New Year’s holiday. Official holidayalthough not many can take it.

January 6, Saturday. Holiday for schools. It does not apply as a holiday for workers in general.

February 2024

February 5, Monday, Feriade bridge. Day of the Mexican Constitution. Official holidayit doesn’t work.

February 14, Wednesday. Lent, Ash Wednesday. Religious holiday, but does not apply as a holiday. Valentine’s Day.

February 24, Saturday. Day of the Mexican flag. It is not considered a holiday.

March 2024

March 8, Friday. International Women’s Day. It’s not a holiday.

March 18, Monday, Feriade bridge. Commemoration of the Birth of Benito Juárez on March 21, which moves to Monday the 18th. Official holiday.

March 25 to April 7, Easter Holidays.

March 28, Thursday. Holy Thursday.

March 29, Friday. Holy Friday.

March 30, Saturday. Saturday of Glory.

March 31, Sunday. Easter Sunday.

April 2024

Week from April 1 to 7, second week of vacation for Easter.

Mayo 2024

May 1, Wednesday. Labor Day. Official holiday. There is no work.

May 5, Sunday. Commemoration of the Battle of Puebla. It’s not a holiday.

May 10, Friday. Mother’s Day. It’s not a holiday.

May 15, Wednesday. Teacher’s Day. Holiday for teachers.

June 2024

June 16, Sunday. Father’s day. It’s not a holiday.

Julio 2024

July 16, Tuesday. End of classes for the 2023 – 2024 School Year.

July 17, Wednesday. Start of summer vacation.

long weekends and holidays 2024

August 2024

Without bridge days and holidays 2024

September 2024

September 16, Monday. Feriade bridge. Mexico’s independence day. Official holiday.

October 2024

October 12, Saturday. Commemoration of the Discovery of America. It’s not a holiday.

October 31, Thursday. Halloween. It’s not a holiday.

November 2024

November 1, Friday. All Saints Day. It’s not a holiday.

November 2, Saturday. Day of the Dead. It’s not a holiday.

November 18, Monday. Feriade bridge. Commemoration of the Mexican Revolution on November 20th which moves to Monday the 18th. Official holiday.

December 2024

December 1, Sunday. Transition of the Federal Executive Branch. Official holiday.

December 12, Thursday. Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Bank Employee Day, holiday for bank workers.

December 24, Tuesday. Christmas Eve.

December 25, Wednesday. Christmas. Official Holiday.

December 31, Tuesday. Celebration of the last day of the Year 2024.

Remember to confirm dates of long weekends and holidays 2024 for the second half of the year with the SEP 2024 – 2025 calendar.

Likewise this year 2024 there will be presidential elections, check dates and consider this situation to organize your agenda.

long weekends and holidays 2024

The Best Destinations to visit during 2024

With the list of long weekends and holidays 2024 we can detect that we will have 5 XL weekends to take advantage of and travel to those beautiful places that you don’t know yet.

Under this idea, perhaps that thought may arise that does not allow you to see clearly which site is chosen, considering that the list is very large…

For that we have a proposal, what do you think about getting to know the new Magical Towns of Mexico recognized as such in this year 2023, the list thus becomes only about 45 options that include unique places, full of history and with the best proposals for May your walk really be worth it.

If you want more information about what to do and where you can find them, keep in mind that our post “New Magical Towns 2023, Discover them!” with all the data you need to put together your travel route.

You can also consider a beautiful city like Guanajuato, some of the impressive beaches of Costalegre; Huasteca also counts as a very good choice, and beach classics like Playa del Carmen or Mazatlán don’t go out of style either…

Another tip that may interest you is to find out dates when there are special events such as the bioluminescence season in Holbox or the arrival of the monarch butterfly to visit the Sanctuaries in Michoacán for example, these are experiences that you will love.

Remember that you have no limitations to enjoy your trip, look for the alternatives that best suit your expectations, your availability of time, your budget and your company, you will surely find a wonderful place in our beautiful Mexico.

Let’s hope that your Year 2024 is full of unforgettable trips! You will not regret!

long weekends and holidays 2024

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