Vietnam is known around the world for at least three things: gastronomy, outdoor adventures, and the hectic life of its cities.

In Vietnam there is a wide offer for the enjoyment of travelers. In recent years it has become a benchmark in Southeast Asia, with immense steep mountains that hug each other in the west, very close to the Cambodian border, while in the east, you will find a multitude of beaches due to its maritime territory. On all sides you can see the rice fields and the crowded cities, with a rhythm that seems to never stop.

Most of the 95 million people speak Vietnamese and do not follow any particular religion, rather they stick to ancient traditions. Every year it receives about 20 million tourists, attracted by its charms, among them the 8 places that have the distinction of World Heritage by UNESCO. But also, the biodiversity is very rich and varied, with species of birds, plants and animals that have been discovered over the years.

To get to Vietnam you can take a flight to the city of Hanoi or a bus in Cambodia. Of course, you must be clear that it is necessary to apply for a visa to enter legally. The recommended months to fully enjoy your stay are March, April, September and October, since the skies are very clear. Also, if you allocate at least three weeks, you will be able to travel to the most famous and must-see places.

In this guide we leave you some recommendations that you should take into account when planning your route through this country, where motorcycles allow you to reach any attraction without having to hire a tour.

Isla Cat Ba

31 miles from Hai Phong is the largest of the 367 islands in this archipelago, with a total area of ​​300 square kilometers. In 2004 it received the designation of Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is one of the main centers of attractions, with an impressive seascape. The thick jungle that surrounds it is part of a national park, where a large number of birds and animals can be observed. However, others flock to the area for the chance to climb its beautiful limestone cliffs. The recommended option is to take a speedboat on a trip that takes 60 minutes.

Hi An

This Vietnamese city is distinguished by perfectly preserved ancient architecture. Travelers enjoy touring the historic center where you can see commercial houses with the appearance of the 15th century markets, a time when the Japanese and Chinese had the area as their main point of reference. Walking through the streets and admiring the facades is a good activity with which to spend your free time. In addition, there are very well decorated pagodas, museums, bridges and temples. As if that were not enough, there are many accommodation options.

My Son

Since 1999 this architectural complex is considered Cultural heritage of Humanity. Its construction began in the 4th century based on bricks and sandstone. It is surrounded by lush mountains filled with jungle. The area is made up of 20 remains of temples that remain standing to this day, some older than others. The structures are located in the central province of Quang Nam, very close to the Cham people. You can go on your own by bus or by taxi. But they also offer tours with a round trip transfer.

Nha Trang

This coastal city is known for the vast expanses of beaches and for the practice of diving. The landscape is adorned by the rocks of the cliffs, which give a spectacular view. In the summer season it is completely filled with national and international visitors, who enjoy taking a good bath or resting on the shores. If you want something extra, it is recommended to reach Po Nagar Cham Towers, Long Son Pagoda, Vinpearl Cable Car or Historical Village.


Although it is not the largest city in the country, it is the capital of Vietnam. Its population is 8 million people, which leads to it throbbing with a frantic rhythm all day long.. Despite the number of street vendors that you will see everywhere and the deafening sound of motorcycles, there are interesting places to visit. For example, you could go up to the skyscraper known as Lotte Center, go to the Temple of Literature or Ngoc Son, Tran Quoc Pagoda and the Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Also, it has an impressive and captivating vintage case.

Da Lat

Located in the south of Vietnam, this picturesque city is located, which is called the capital of honeymoons. Much of the year the climate is cool, with leafy pine trees and colorful flowers that refresh the eye. There are some royal palaces which open their doors to visitors, with a clear reflection of French architecture. If you decide to go to the nearby areas, you will come across the Tuyen Lam lake, the train station, the Valley of Love theme park as well as the Thien Vien Truc Lam Zen Buddhist temple. It is a walk that you should not stop doing.

Mekong Delta

To get to know this area, it is best to hire a boat ride, in which floating markets, rivers and above all a lot of nature are crossed. Along the way there are several towns that take advantage of the resources of these lands. The waters belong to the Mekong River, the tenth largest in the world. It tours six countries, these being China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The locals have adapted to this lifestyle and proudly display it to travelers.


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