For many, summer is synonymous with beach, sun, sand and sea, so many of us look for destinations that meet these characteristics, and one of them may be La Paz, Baja California Sur; which also has a rich cultural offering and incredible gastronomy.

So on this occasion we share with you some unmissable activities that you can do in La Paz, during the summer.


Baja California Sur has a wide range of beaches to visit, including Balandra, one of Alan’s most iconic and favorite beaches in the world, for its famous mushroom-shaped rock and crystal-clear waters where you will feel like you are swimming in an infinity pool created by nature.

Not far away is El Coromuel, known for being the first beach in the tourist corridor of La Paz, as well as for its gentle waves and palm palapas for relaxing under the sun.

If you are looking for a little more action, Pichilingue offers water sports and a vibrant atmosphere.

Finally, Tecolote, a long beach that seems tailor-made for the perfect summer picnic.


If you want to live an experience full of adventure, there is nothing like taking a road trip through La Paz, as this destination has impressive natural scenery of mountains, beaches and deserts.

Your journey can begin on the shores of the Gulf of California, exploring the scenic landscapes that lead to San Juan de los Planes, home to iconic beaches such as La Ventana and El Sargento, perfect for windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving and sport fishing.

Your tour can continue to El Triunfo, a town full of mining history and fascinating museums that reveal the region’s past.

Driving north will take you to Todos Santos, a magical town where colonial architecture and a vibrant art scene will immerse you in a world of magic and color.


Beyond the beach, this destination offers a rich cultural offering.

You can visit the MUCAthe Cowboy Museum of the Californias, where you can explore more than 300 years of cultural legacy, exploring the origins of cowboy and ranch culture in the Californias. From the rugged mountains of Baja California Sur to the cities of San Francisco and Monterey in the United States.

You can also follow the Ruta de Plata, a museum that will immerse you in the depths of the region’s mining history and take you to explore ancient villages and traditional sites.


La Paz is an excellent destination for Fudis from around the world. On the boardwalk, they can enjoy a fresh ceviche or some exquisite fish tacos, while enjoying the spectacular views of the Gulf of California.

If you are looking for a more substantial option, you cannot miss trying the chilaquiles or traditional seafood enchiladas, dishes that highlight the gastronomic richness of the region.

For lunch, enjoy some horse mackerel tacos accompanied by a serrano chili sauce or shrimp ceviche.

At night, indulge in the sophistication of restaurants that fuse traditional seafood cuisine with modern touches. Recommendation: Try the baked chocolate clam, an authentic local delicacy that you’ll want to try again.

Most restaurants in La Paz offer a wide variety of options to suit all tastes, from fresh fish to grilled meats and vegetarian dishes.


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