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This is not just any adventure, but I would say that it is a thousand-year-old. My ancestors not only walked along these paths, but also built one of the largest empires in Latin America.

I had been planning this trip with great enthusiasm, until the time came to do it. Information on the internet about doing it on your own is very scarce, but searching I was able to read a blog that explained a lot about the route.

We started it when the first post-pandemic trips were just beginning, the city of Cusco had very few visitors, you could take photos without problems. Today it is a sea of ​​people.

5 days of walking awaited us, so acclimatizing with coca tea and muña enjoying the blue sky that Cusco offers and its beautiful square.

At very early hours you leave for the first town, which is Soraypampa, everyone arrives here to appreciate the Humantay lagoon. Hoping that we would have company when we started the trek to the Salkantay mountain, we realized that we were few. Normally there are many groups that today carry out this trek.

What leaves you speechless is the change of environments, appreciate snowy, mountain and jungle at the same time, even more walking it and feeling the changes in climate. It has no explanation.

Seeing a national performing it alone is novel for the locals, since they thought that we were not Peruvians. Most people who do it do it through an agency, we wanted to do it on our own.

From reaching communities and living with them learning to prepare coffee from scratch, eating at the same table in the midst of COVID 19 without being afraid to take off your mask, being one of their first travelers after being affected by a tremendous pandemic and reaching Machu Picchu after 75 km.

Walking to one of the wonders of the modern world is priceless, feeling that energy in these lands that hide so much history is inexplicable, and understanding how they built everything you see leaves you speechless.

I tell you that I am @viajerodealuka, and everything I experience is compiled in a guide, I always think that sharing everything one learns is the best gift. If you need it, do not hesitate to write to me.

My next trek is Choquequirao, the backpack and the poles are ready for the adventure.

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