Por: Silvia & Christian Rasmussen

We are Silvia (Peruvian) & Christian (Danish), we live in Lima-Peru, and we are fans of Alan’s trips and recommendations around the world, we also like to travel and we do it as much as we can.

Recently we were in Amazonas, we landed in Chachapoyas (nice city, quite orderly and clean) from there the mobility picked us up, an hour and a quarter of a road on a good track to a small town called Cocachimba, there was our hotel “Gocta Andes Lodge” With a spectacular view of the Gocta Falls, the place is beautiful, you feel incredible peace.

We spent 5 days enjoying the place, the views, we took nearby walks and went to a small reserve where you can see different types of hummingbirds, we were lucky enough to see a very exotic one, in danger of extinction, the Rare Spatula-tailed Hummingbird. and beautiful at the same time.

We also went to the impressive Kuelap Fortress where it was built.

The last tour was the walk to the Gocta Falls, it is 11 kilometers round trip in approximately 5 hours, it is up and down, but we enjoyed it and getting to the falls was amazing; My husband and I joked that we were looking for Floki (Vikings season 5).

What is recommended for this hike is always a good attitude, bringing water, leaving as early as possible and a good guide who will entertain you by talking the entire way (I’m not complaining, the truth is it distracted me from the hike)

Amazonas is beautiful, on the route and everywhere you can see a diversity of birds, we saw beautiful woodpeckers, but we couldn’t take photos, we just enjoyed the view, many beautiful houses in unexpected places, valleys, canyons, so much to see!! We were delighted with this trip.

During these months it is rainy season, but we still went and it went well, it was cool and rained at times, but then the beautiful and sunny sky opened again.

We hope you can visit it sometime.


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