Starting June 10, Japan will allow foreign travelers to enter the country via package tours, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced.

This announcement comes after Japan began the first stage of reopening borders where a limited number of foreign travelers would be received.

According to the Japan Times, travelers visiting Japan will be required to have three doses of a Covid-19 vaccine (including the booster), and participate only in scheduled tours that will have a limited number of people.

In addition, border restrictions will be eased from June 1, as the daily limit of new arrivals will be increased to 20,000; currently they receive 10,00 people a day.

Also, travelers must meet certain requirements depending on the country they come from. Japan has them classified in blue, yellow and red.

According to Japan tourism pageThose who come from a country in blue, regardless of their vaccination status, will be exempt from testing upon arrival, home isolation and other measures.

Those in the yellow group who do not have a complete vaccination schedule must undergo a test upon arrival, home isolation for 7 days, or home isolation for 3 days plus a negative test result.

Those who come from the red group, will have to take a test upon arrival and a 3-day isolation in a facility designated by the government. But if they have a full vaccination certificate, they can have a 7-day home isolation, or 3-day isolation plus a negative test result, at their place of residence.

So far the list of countries has not been released.

Travelers are advised to keep an eye out for announcements from the authorities regarding the requirements they must meet to visit Japan.

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