Is México Destinos reliable?” If you have asked yourself this question, we hope that this post answers all your doubts, in it we will show you that we are a safe option to hire that trip that you want so much and we will give you some evidence, as well as tips to avoid being a victim of fraud.

We know that there is a wide range of travel agencies throughout Mexico, a country with an enormous wealth of destinations and tourist attractions; that is very good since in that variety you will find the product or service indicated according to your preferences.

However, the diversity of travel agents and the wide tourist offer is conditioned by the presence of scammers who use different strategies to deceive and steal both frequent travelers and the most inexperienced.

In a previous post we talked about how to identify reliable travel agencies in Mexico and we gave you some suggestions to avoid fraud with tourist services.

On this occasion, we will talk a little about us, México Destinos, and why México Destinos is reliable.

Why is México Destinos reliable?

To give credit that Mexico Destinations is a 100% reliable travel agency, we must go to those elements that can prove it and for this we will resort to some very good references…

Although the company has been working for more than ten years, in 2013 it obtained a place among 250 other companies to participate in the incubator program 500 Startups, a seed capital fund and a business incubator program based in Mountain View, CA., held in Mexico City and in which 17 other Mexican companies also participated. Font

This data already gives you an idea that the work we have been doing is not improvised and that there is a structure that has been evaluated for a long time with the desire to grow, develop and offer a quality service.

In addition to this, in 2017 a ceremony was held in which national authorities presented the 2016 National Entrepreneur Award to the company México Destinos, in this case we are talking about the highest award granted by the Government of Mexico to physical companies. or morals that stand out for their ideas, companies and undertakings, considered valuable, relevant and innovative.

Once again we can attest that México Destinos is reliable, a company established and far from any suspicion that associates it with a ghost company and susceptible to evaluation by the government in any of its instances.

Mexico Destinations is reliable

You need more data right?

If you still have doubts, you can review a description of the work carried out by the company that is published in the prestigious Forbes magazine, of national and international importance, in an article from the year 2018; here we leave you the link.

And although in 2020 we had to face a pandemic, with important consequences in the tourism sector in Mexico and in the world and of which we were not oblivious, México Destinos continued to bet on the development of the business, generating jobs and offering tourist services. that are within the reach of all Mexicans and, above all, that meet their quality expectations.

Do not be left alone with these data, you have the option to verify the real existence of México Destinos or any company in the industry by entering the National Tourism Registry here the link; all you have to do is go to travel agencies, select the state of Quintana Roo, then Benito Juárez municipality and write México Destinos.

With what has been said so far, we try to demonstrate that we are a reliable company, dedicated to the task of providing quality service, trying to offer a wide variety of alternatives for tours, hotels, travel packages and services for all tastes.

We all make mistakes

We are able to recognize that, although our commitment to excellent service is a daily commitment, we are not exempt from making mistakes and that is why you will always have the option of going to the competent body, Profeco, to file a claim when you do so. you consider necessary.

Similarly, Profeco has a web tool called the Commercial Bureau that allows you to find information on suppliers of goods and services such as travel agencies, but also has the advantage that it shows the complaints received and their status, as well as the main reasons for claiming, data that serve as a reference.

Mexico Destinations is reliable

How to identify fraudulent travel agencies?

We already commented at the beginning that we made a special post with several tips to realize when we are facing a risk of fraud, but it never hurts to reinforce the most important information.

Keep in mind that one of the ways to discover how fraudulent travel agencies operate is to analyze the means by which they contact you to make the sale.

To do this, it is good to consider, for example, if you have a website (not just Facebook or Instagram but an official website) and if your business name is registered both in the Sectur and on the website of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property where you check its antiquity in the market.

About the official name of the agency…

Observe the name and pay close attention when confirming a purchase. Fraudulent agencies may use similar names to recognized companies and some even use the same logo or the same format as the logo of a prestigious company, generating confusion among their clients. .

In this sense, the name of our agency is often confused with Destinos México or with Mexico Destinations or México Destiny or hundreds of similar options, which is erroneous and causes inconveniences when claiming compliance with the contracted product or service.

These fraudulent agencies prepare reservation confirmations or quotation formats where they include similar business names, similar names or even that of the agencies, but which do not correspond to the official formats.

Offers too good to be true?

On the other hand, suspect the very low prices, the “incredible super offers” are not real, carefully evaluate the possible costs of the chosen destination and the experience you want to enjoy.

This point is very important and perhaps one of those that helps them commit fraud quickly, because in an effort not to lose these promotions, you try to pay quickly without stopping to review the details.

You should also consider…

Add to the above a special attention to the means of contact, if they write to you by WhatsApp from a different number than the one indicated on the official website of the company, it is already a reason to distrust, even more so if you are willing to provide personal data.

Keep in mind that the official contact number of Mexico Destinations by WhatsApp is +52 998 404 2091, all the company data is on the official website Mé where the registration number appears before Sectur, address, telephone and other forms of contact .

Likewise, consider that, in general, scammers do not send emails, they do everything through calls or WhatsApp, and if they do, they are not from the domain of @mexicodestinos.comthis is another detail that you must take into account to distinguish why Mexico Destinations is reliable.

Take note that the email address is institutional, as there are those who perform tricks such as generating an email in which they mix the name of Mexico Destinations, but it corresponds to an email from gmail or any other free email service.

Before paying make sure…

One more reason for suspicion, perhaps more obvious, is the insistence that you deposit a sum of money (total or an advance) “immediately” so as not to lose your offer, if so, please stop.

Before making the payment, contact our customer service center at 800 444 0618 and confirm that your reservation exists in our system, it is better to do a double check.

Regarding the bank accounts to which you are asked to deposit, please confirm that it is an official account of our company and registered under our company name.

Sometimes they send you a bank account belonging to a natural person, which should be an immediate red flag.

Remember, before making a deposit, in any service you contract with México Destinos, you must make sure to call our call center or WhatsApp available on the web and thus confirm that it is our bank account.

Please pay attention to these last tips…

Don’t take risks, there are people who contact us when it’s too late and have been victims of fraud.

Finally, we leave you this link of the Profeco’s warning in the past Easter holidays, where the means of contact and other effective actions to prevent and not fall into fraudulent traps have special attention.

Mexico Destinations is reliable


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