We are entering a time of the year in which traveling becomes a priority. With the good weather and the possibility of having a few days of vacation, many people take the opportunity to go abroad to learn about other cultures, get out of their comfort zone and live new experiences. A time to disconnect and have a great time.

When planning a trip outside the country, different “extra” aspects must be considered to guarantee safety and tranquility throughout the holidays. In this point, Many people wonder if it is necessary to take out medical insurance to go on a trip. In this article, we answer the big question.

Is it necessary to take out medical insurance to travel abroad?

In Spain, we are used to thinking very little about aspects related to medical care when we make all kinds of plans. It is because we have a Social Security system that reaches all regions. In addition, we benefit from universal assistance: medical care is provided to anyone in case of need.

However, this changes a lot in the rest of the countries that surround us. If this is not taken into account, any simple incident that can be solved with a visit to the specialist or with a professional cure, can become a major problem during the holidays. In some cases it will mean a very important outlay of money. And in others, the inability to find medical assistance with its associated health complicationsespecially if you travel to rural areas.

While is true that Taking out medical insurance with assistance coverage abroad is not mandatory to travel to most countriesthe truth is that it is something totally recommendable. Get a policy of this type It will make you gain peace of mind and security.

Japan is one of the countries where medical care can be very expensive

Is a private health insurance good for traveling abroad?

You can start looking for the international coverage of the best health insurance, since large insurers include overseas medical care in some policies. In this way, if you have private insurance in Spain, it is likely that it will also cover you outside our borders.

Health care abroad is a modality that allows the user to continue to be protected with their usual private health insurance in a territory outside the country’s borders.. In fact, it is also applied within the national territory itself and is usually marked from kilometer 35 from the habitual residence.

Some health insurances have it included in the most complete policies that make up the hospitalization service and others allow it to be hired as an extra. Therefore, If you have contracted insurance of this type, you should find out if you already have it included among the services they offer you.

If you are thinking of taking out medical insurance with assistance abroad from scratch, we recommend that you take this into account to get a good policy:

  • All the health coverage that it offers you in general, to verify that it suits your needs.
  • The total cost, checking if the international coverage raises the premium too much.
  • The quality of the insurance company, that it generates confidence.
  • The possibility of making a joint policy with your family.
  • The conditions of this service abroad, the countries it covers or the exceptions it contemplates.

With these simple keys you will be able to guarantee that you take out excellent medical insurance with coverage abroad that will allow you to travel peacefully wherever you want and whenever you feel like it.

Take out travel insurance

If you do not have health insurance, the best thing you can do is take out travel insurance. We travel with IATI, Your insurance is essential in all our trips! They will offer you medical coverage wherever you are, in addition to 24/7 attention in Spanish for a lot of unforeseen events. For example, you will be covered against theft or damage to luggage, transportation cancellations, the need to return home in emergency situations, and they even offer you legal support in case your home is occupied while you are on vacation.

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