One of the dreams we have since childhood is to have our own houseand although over time we realize that it is not an easy task due to the high cost of housing in Mexico, the reality is that we can rely on institutions such as Infonavit that offers us attractive loans to achieve it, in addition to various benefits as it is Green Mortgagesubject of which we will tell you the details below.

What is Infonavit Green Mortgage?

Of course, the first step is to know exactly what the term “Green Mortgage” of Infonavit refers to, and in very simple words, the Green Mortgage is an additional amount that is granted to all Infonavit credits in order to reduce your gas, electricity, and water consumption.

Thus everyone who obtains the Green Mortgage benefit will save moneysince by having lower consumption they will pay less, and they will also contribute to the environment, and thus we will avoid depleting our natural resources.

In a few words, by using the Green Mortgage money that Infonavit grants you through your credit, you will be able to make use of eco-technologies, which are nothing more than gas, electricity and water-saving accessories.

This way you will save between $100.00 and $400.00 pesos per month on your consumption, this of course depending on the town where you live, as well as the climate where your new home is located.

How do I obtain the Infonavit Green Mortgage Benefit?

As we mentioned, it is a benefit to which all Infonavit credits are entitled, although the additional amount of credit you obtain will depend on your salary.

Initially, you must make your Green Mortgage registration when requesting your credit with Infonavit, although it should be noted that if the house you acquire is new, then you will already have eco-technologies installed in your home.

If the house that you acquire with your Infonavit credit is not new or you are going to use your credit to build, then you can acquire it with any of the providers authorized by Infonavit.

How do I know which are the providers of eco-technologies endorsed by Infonavit?

How do I know which are the providers of eco-technologies endorsed by Infonavit?

Knowing which eco-technology providers are endorsed by Infonavit is very simple, since for this you will only have to enter your Infonavit account where you will know the list of all those who are authorized.

Once this is done, you just need to go to the provider that is closest to youor that generates more confidence to acquire all the products you need.

For example in The Home Depot They offer you a wide variety of eco-technologies where you can also hire the installation service and, where appropriate, the delivery, which of course you can pay with your Green Mortgage card.

Tu Green Mortgage Card You can obtain it through the official Infonavit page.


So don’t think about it anymore and take advantage of this great benefit that the Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workerswhere you will not only save money month after month, but you will also contribute to the preservation of our planet, thus leaving the new generations a better planet.


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