If you don’t mind asking for your purchase invoices in any establishment, I recommend that, from now on, you always request them. Believe it or not, requesting the receipt provides a large number of unthinkable benefits. In this sense, in online portals such as facturaticket.online They facilitate the process to request your invoices quickly and easily.

In this article we will base ourselves on the benefits and advantages to request your invoices. Keep reading!

Benefits of requesting your invoices

In particular, requesting purchase invoices benefits mainly in the fact of counting the income and expenses of the month. In addition, it is a way to get rid of SAT fines, and even other peculiarities that will be explained below.

Record of your expenses

There is no greater proof of money outflows than an invoice. When filing a tax return, ask for bills help with fixed expenseswith the mortgage on the flat or your children’s school.

When submitting the invoices for these expenses in the tax return, the SAT takes them as deductibles, helping to have the balance in favor, and who does not want to enjoy such a benefit? It is a big advantage! Undoubtedly.


As I mentioned before, ask for bills of fixed or medical expenses, for example, is extremely important since they can be taken as tax deductible.

In that sense, if you keep all your invoices, at the end of the year you can make an annual declaration to receive a refund of the taxes in question. It is a kind of balance in favor that can be claimed when the last month is over.

balances in favor

Upon receipt of this reimbursement of taxes paid, a credit balance is generated. In this way, asking for the invoices is a way to take care of the savings since you will have the guarantee of all the income and expenses.

Help the economy grow

For example, if you have a business and you are very concerned about issuing your invoices, you will be able to increase sales, formalize the company and guarantee the possibility of becoming a wholesale company (depending on which is the case).

Accreditation of goods

This aspect is very important since, if you want to sell your house, having an invoice for the property in question can save you from a lawsuit in case the new owner wants to get away with it.

In addition to this, it gives you the opportunity to pawn some assets (if required) and attest to being the sole owner. Even if you want to opt for a credit or claim an inheritance, you also need the invoice.

In conclusion, few consider the real importance of a simple piece of paper, but it goes much further and here you have just discovered it. Ask for your invoices from now on! For this, we advise you to carry out the invoicing of tickets in Mexico through facturaticket.online. You will find the invoices of your purchases quickly.

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