By: David Tellez Orduna

Traveling alone is a flashy and trendy concept nowadays; travel bloggers and youtubers increasingly flood the networks and platforms and invite everyone to practice detachment, to lose their fears and escape to adventure, because there is only one life and they are absolutely right, in part I share that philosophy of life.

Traveling as a couple around the world or a country is undoubtedly a highly attractive model and an ideal way of living love, and it is valid, there is nothing better than having the perfect accomplice of adventures and embarking on the search for unique and unrepeatable.

But traveling as a family is something completely different from the first or the second, traveling as a family implies not only being aware of yourself or your partner, the programming of the sites and activities must be precise so as not to get lost or lost and not to make a bad past to the couple or the children, and far from being an adventure it becomes a completely terrifying or uncomfortable experience.

A few years ago, 9 to be exact, we became recurring travelers, weekends, “bridges” as we call in Mexico the days off that come together with weekends and are extended that Saturday and Sunday, vacations already sometimes we take a backpack and venture out to discover a new place. But what is it like to travel with children? Sometimes it is difficult to plan it, children do not want to part with mobile phones and games or activities that involve physical effort, however there is always a way to make it attractive for them and of course motivating them to look forward to that trip.

First of all, we as parents usually watch videos of our favorite bloggers, in that list are: Alan x el Mundo, Mariel de viaje, Brenda Catalán, Costo x Destino, Ford Quarterman, Enrique Álex, Mundukos, Impulso Aventurero, Viajefest, and our favorites, the Zapp family, that family from Argentina that in January 2000 had the great dream of traveling to Alaska, then the children came and they did not stop there, they know many countries and always traveling as a family with their unique style and defined stamp . Through these videos we learn about distances, costs, lodging options, meals, tours and one other important tip.

Once we have the necessary information, we extend it with other information obtained from Google, Maps or travel sites, for example Mexico Unknown, we immediately make a budget depending on the time of year (high or low season), we look for accommodation through Airbnb according to the wallet allows it or sometimes there are usually hotels with excellent options and a phone call to ask for information is not enough.

Then, halfway through the planning, comes the obligatory question to the boys, usually at lunchtime: -Children: what do you want to do on the weekend? They usually answer, sleep, swim, rest, play. the mobile, etc.; plan B, persuade and play with the imagination and turn their superfluous routines into something incredible. Note that there are some cliffs in Veracruz that they say are the same as the cliffs that exist in Ireland, they also say that you can camp near the beach or sleep in pretty cabins on the banks of a river that has huge pools of crystal clear water for swimming, can you imagine if we go this weekend? They immediately respond: -Yes! Yes, let’s go! Then that’s it, finishing eating they clear the table and organize their things for the trip, immediately excited they pack their bags and by the way they already know exactly what they should take in terms of clothes, accessories and others.

In the case of the baby, well, he has no voice or vote, however we make sure that his journey is not uncomfortable and neither for the people around him, in case he cries, in case he gets restless, in case he goes to the bathroom, in short. Incidentally, since he was very little he has traveled and is accustomed to long journeys and temperature changes, at less than 2 years old he has made trips of more than 12 hours by bus without major difficulties, and although he does not keep memories in his memory He has been in at least 7 states in Mexico, and the photographs will be there to prove it when he grows up and keep in mind that since he was a child he has been on the move, we always carry enough changes of clothes, basic medicines and essential supplies for any contingency.

There are those who say that it is inhumane to travel with babies due to the discomfort or climatic conditions they may face and they are against finding them on a bus or on a flight, however that depends on the training that the parents have given them.

Our baby is usually an excellent travel companion and more than once on tourist or private trips they have told him: -what a beautiful baby! He knows how to travel and is very calm. He usually observes from the window all the movements, cars, people, animals, tries to say some words, phrases or even imitate sounds, after a few minutes he chooses to settle on our lap, ask for his bottle and sleep, all the stimuli from outside They are positive for their physical and mental development.

To the older boys, so that they do not apply that Shrek donkey “we already arrived” and one falls into despair, they are told password so that they have the distance of the destination on their radar, for example: we leave at 6: 00 am from the bus station, the bus will take 3 hours to get to Córdoba, the next bus to Veracruz leaves at 10:00, we will have an hour to have breakfast and stretch our legs, arriving in Veracruz we will take the next one to Ángel R. Cabada At approximately 3:00 p.m. we will be arriving and looking for the rouleteras (public transport vans) that take about an hour to get to Costa de Oro to get to stay, leave things and take the opportunity to eat and tour the place a bit. . The same applies to a trip by car, although the advantage of a bus trip is less tiring, it is somewhat longer, but the beauty of traveling like this is that we find strangers or strangers with whom we normally talk and who usually offer us Many options when arriving at the destination, we have even met people who offer us accommodation at a lower price or for free for the simple fact that we are going to get to know their land of which they are proud and then we become great friends.

Once at the destination, it is a relief to have arrived, we throw things and get ready to explore and not waste time, it should be added that baby always travels with a stroller, the best we could find, practical, removable, small and that carries an important record of kilometers traveled and it is off-road, beaches, deserts, forests, cobbled roads, unstoppable and still in perfect condition, still with little tires for more, but soon we will stop using it.

The adventure begins, the boys are tired and exhausted after a day of activities, however the moments shared are the most important, those moments are the most valuable and significant for their entire lives, those moments are kept forever in the heart and of course the experience of knowing a new place, trying typical foods, different flavors, listening to different accents, another way of calling things, meeting new people and understanding their reasons, playing with other local kids or from different states and engaging in unique chats , it’s phenomenal, it’s teaching them that the real world is not found in a smartphone, it’s teaching them to lose their fear of exploring, it’s teaching them to socialize, it’s teaching them that the most beautiful things in life don’t happen in the walls of a house or a school, it is to strengthen the family bond, it is to play different roles as members of a herd where we all take care of each other, to teach them part of the greatness of this world , is to foster in them bigger dreams such as traveling around the whole world.

Regarding traveling or not with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to highlight that it is possible with the necessary care and measures, to monitor the epidemiological traffic light of the places to visit, to have been vaccinated, to avoid mass tourism, to look for open spaces and taking into account the health protocols of each site, are undoubtedly some of the recommendations to be able to undertake trips today. We must understand that it is essential to redefine the ways of traveling and doing responsible and safe tourism.

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