By: Edith Reyna Puente

I recently met Chris and Sarah in Japan, that Sunday morning we talked for a while while I tried to make myself a coffee at Luis’s house, both they and I were guests there.

It really was little time or so it seemed to me. We exchanged some stories, theirs had an impact on me, since they were traveling the world, they had left everything to do it and they had no intention of returning to their previous routine (work, routine, consumerism, etc.) In the talk they commented on something which left me thinking to this day: “all our belongings are in these suitcases (2 large backpacks), we don’t have anything else” and Sarah added “and I think I will get rid of some things, because it is very heavy”.

Their journey had started a month and a half ago, they had already been in Japan for a month and they still had more time to go, “you don’t get to know everything” they commented. That morning I went out late for a walk, although I think it was worth my time invested getting to know them, it was also a rainy day. At night I saw them again, we talked about a few things, and the next day I went to Kyoto.

My surprise was that on my return (3 days later) Sarah received me with a warm and long hug, she told me “Edith, it’s good that we see you again”, we talked and we didn’t say goodbye, I invited them to dinner but there were other plans for that day, and I would be gone the next day.

So I don’t think I will see them again, they are a beautiful couple, nice, talkative, respectful, loving, who are living to the fullest while they see the world, but I will always remember them, because these are the things that are really worth experiencing.

Since that day I have been thinking a lot about what I learned from them, because despite wanting to travel light, I ended up with 4 suitcases, my backpack and a bag on my return. I thought a lot about what Sarah said… especially when I had to carry each suitcase, she would say to me: “is all this really necessary?”

If we could carry out an exercise of putting our most valuable and really necessary belongings for the road in a suitcase, and carrying them for a day or even a few hours, I think we would begin to wonder if what we carry is really necessary, perhaps in a short time. time we would be tired and sore because of the weight and we would take out what weighs so much and is not important for our path.

Many times I have tried to get rid of many unnecessary things, and I think that carrying them on my back is a good exercise, because you have to make decisions about what stays and what goes.

I definitely believe that this also applies to feelings, thoughts and emotions that we carry and are not necessary, that exhaust us, that take away our energy, joy, and put us in a bad mood.

Chris & Sarah are travelers with whom I coincided in time and space, but they left something in me, without knowing it, I would really like it if I could also leave something like this in the people who pass my way, maybe one day I can leave something significant in you, or in any other traveler who crosses my path. Meanwhile, every day I walk thanking for the beautiful coincidences that God places on this path called life.

Thank you thank you thank you.

PSPS No time to take pictures of Chris & Sarah


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