Our trip is about to begin and when buying tickets, it is important to choose the type of luggage with which we will fly. Although documenting allows us to take more things on board, many times hand luggage is enough for our adventure.

Among the advantages of traveling with only hand luggage are:

  • Paying a lower rate: many airlines include a small suitcase for the cabin with the most basic rate and even if they do not include it, they are usually significantly cheaper than checked ones.
  • Faster boarding: By not having to go to the counter, by checking in online we can arrive at the airport a little later and only go through security controls to take the flight.
  • Avoid waiting in the baggage lane: you will be able to save time when you arrive at your destination because you will not have to wait for your suitcase in the lanes to pick up your luggage, which are usually crowded.

The main disadvantage you will find is that ALL your luggage must travel with you and the restrictions in the cabin are greater. In this article you will be able to verify, in broad strokes, the items allowed and prohibited in your suitcase.

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Were they convinced? Take into account the following points to get the most out of it:

What does the airline allow in hand luggage?

There are airlines, such as low-cost airlines, that do not even include hand luggage. When making your reservation, read very well the dimensions, weight and restrictions that your ticket has.

If you do not want to pay extra, keep this point in mind since some companies measure and weigh the luggage before boarding.

Sometimes, due to the size, they could check the bag for free at the counter, but that would waste the time they wanted to save on the baggage belt. For this reason, they should choose a lightweight suitcase or backpack that avoids this inconvenience, since it is less heavy and more malleable.

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How to pack?

Now yes, the most complicated thing because what they will need must fit in one place. First of all, they must bring their liquids in a small presentation (less than 100ml) and if their packaging is larger, it does not matter if it is not full, they must empty their creams, sunscreen, shampoo, toothpaste, make-up remover into containers. , etc.

Tip: To avoid leaks to your clothes, pack liquids in a separate bag and put a small plastic strip between the lid and the container for added protection.

Research the weather at your destination, eliminate all “just in case”. Although you can always bring a light jacket, it is not necessary to pack your heaviest jacket “in case it rains unexpectedly in Playa del Carmen”. Information will be your best ally.

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Make a list of everything you would like to bring and then cut back based on the days you will be there, the temperature, the activities you have planned (just in case you forget your swimming suit).

Also choose versatile clothing that you can wear in various ways and combinations. If you’re going on a long trip, look at your destinations for washer and dryer options to wash once in a while.

All their years playing Tetris will be of great help when it comes to packing, whether it’s rolling up clothes to cover gaps or layering them, ideally they find the best way to do it without wrinkling their belongings too much and optimizing space.

If they put the shoes at the bottom, they could stuff them with socks or small clothing, with the sweaters, jackets, and heavier items last. At Alan around the World we have Grace Navarro, the teacher of packing in a carry-on suitcase and in this article tells us how he did it on a trip to Iceland!

Good travels!

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