When you are going to plan a trip it is important that you ask yourself “How to identify reliable travel agencies in Mexico?“, Better safe than sorry…

For some years it has not been strange that a travel company or any other business works remotely and basically does everything online, without having to go to a store.

However, this very normal situation lends itself to many scammers taking advantage of those who wish to hire services via the Internet using deception strategies that confuse not only the inexperienced.

To prevent you from suffering deception and fraud, we tell you some strategies or tips that can help you identify cheaters.

Reliable Travel Agencies in Mexico vs Fraudulent Travel Agencies

When you are going to hire a trip either online or in a place that you do not have references, it is a good idea to take certain precautions to avoid being a victim of scam, here we give you some alternatives that can be useful.

1. Check if it is registered with the Ministry of Tourism

In any country that you seek to hire the services of an agency, it must be registered with the government body responsible for tourism.

Under this premise, a first idea is to check with that government entity if the agency has an official registration number or something that gives it legality and certifies it as a safe company.

In Mexico, the government body where reliable travel agencies can be consulted is the Sectur; where all tourism service providers have a National Tourism Registry or RNT. To consult travel agencies, hotels, boats and tourist transporters, etc., you can enter this link. You will need to know the name and location of the company.

2. Check visibility in social networks and reviews

There are several ways to get more information about the company and one of them is by searching the company’s social networks to learn more about them.

You will be able to consult reviews or reviews of those who have already used their services, for that you can see comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc., that allow you to evaluate the quality of the company; You will have to be objective and analyze the good and bad reviews.

On the other hand, you can be guided by the promptness of response to customer demands, that also helps to know if once you bought the service, they continue to have adequate attention for your questions or needs.

And do not forget to pay attention to the dates of the comments, it is always better that they are constant and close to the date of your query.

3. Very cheap prices, it is cause for suspicion

If you find prices well below the average, it is reason enough to investigate your service provider very well.

Unless you already have experience buying in that agency, most of the “travel companies” that offer very cheap prices are fraud, and this is why, the reason is, we can say “logic”, it is rare that someone sells a service to cost price or below it without the intention of having any profit, knowing that you must pay taxes, employees and other expenses that imply being constituted as a company.

So do not get carried away by the emotion of a “super offer” without first checking that it is a real travel agency and reading the terms and conditions of the service.

4. Pressure to pay for the service immediately

It is true that there may be last minute promotions, but in addition to the previous point, you should pay attention if they pressure you to pay immediately and offer you a price well below the average.

5. Investigate its age in the market

Another good indicator that a company is part of the reliable travel agencies in Mexico can be the number of years it has been operating and if it has registered its brand, which gives seriousness to its work. You check this here.

6. Check references at Profeco

Profeco is the entity in charge of promoting and protecting consumer rights and as such has some tools that allow you to have a better reference of the travel agency you choose.

One of the options is the tool that allows you to consult the Monitoring of Virtual Stores of Profeco in this link where it informs you if the provider’s website meets the minimum requirements contained in the Federal Consumer Protection Law (LFPC) to carry out electronic commerce.

On the other hand, you can check if the provider you plan to contract with has complaints before Profeco and how many, in the Profeco Commercial Bureau by entering here.

7. Make sure you have a real address

Another recommended tip to verify if the company is among the reliable travel agencies in Mexico is to make sure that it has a physical address, telephone or other secure means of contact in case you need to go to them for any clarification and/or claim.

Tips extras

  • Whenever you contract a service, request a written description and consult the terms and conditions and also request them in writing, thus avoiding misunderstandings and having details of everything you contract.
  • If you are going to enter personal data on a website, it is necessary that you have the privacy notice for the proper protection of personal data.
  • Consult the cancellation, return or exchange mechanisms, it is better to be well informed and in accordance with these company policies, in case the need arises to resort to these actions.
  • Before paying, make sure that the amount you are going to pay is in Mexican pesos; It may happen that you enter a website that is from another country and there is confusion in the amount that you are going to pay.
  • You should also check that the Internet pages have security conditions such as “https://” and a closed padlock icon. Do not enter your personal data on public computers and only make it a Google incognito website.

reliable travel agencies in Mexico

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