Although at the time Tris was not one of the most popular lottery games in Mexico, from the first day it was consolidated as one of the most frequent, since during the 365 days of the year it carries out 5 draws per day. Over time, it has become a hobby for many Mexicans and why not, a playful activity, but one that leaves some profit.

Winning at games of chance is not easy. And it’s not because some games are designed to be hard to win. However, this is not the case with Tris, since it is a game that, apart from offering 5 opportunities per day -in each draw- offers various game modes, which substantially increases the chances of ever winning.

And being so popular these days, not only are there great websites where you can check your Tris results, but also many tips and information to have luck more in your favor and win in each draw.

Know the limitations

To play Tris, as well as to play absolutely anything that involves chance, It is necessary to establish clear limits that allow mitigating any of the risks associated with these games.

The most common risk is lose more money than you should be able to lose, or what is the same, end up using money you do need to play games of chance.

Establishing a maximum capital per day, per month, per year, or for a particular period, is the best thing to do, at least as an initial advice.

Don’t lose sight of focus

Tris is a game of chance with many chances to win, since it has many draws and modalities. That is not to say that somehow foolproof methods will be achieved, so you should never lose sight of the fun approach and the playful nuance of this kind of sweepstakes.

If it is possible to always find fun, from the healthiest possible point of view, you will always be playing with luck in your favor.

divide and win

A group of 10 friends can buy 10 times more tickets than a single person. That also means that they are up to 10 times more likely to hit any of the draws or modalities.

Making a group of friends where each one distributes different tickets can allow you to end up winning something in most draws. Subsequently, the profits are distributed according to what each one invested in the tickets, and apart from playful it will end up being a profitable leisure.

numbers have memory

Tris has been going on for a long time and although over the years new game modes have been incorporated -such as combos, for example-, most of these are from day one. And thanks to reliable lottery results publishing websites, you can always review the latest draws to find repeating patterns and issues that can be used to build a proper strategy for playing.

Play in one mode

There are harder and easier modes, but usually the people who tend to have the most luck in Tris have it because they specialize in only one of them. Specializing will allow knowing the details that govern each draw of that modality, and over time getting it right will be almost a logical matter after having carried out the appropriate analysis.

Be that as it may, it is clear that Tris is one of the most popular games of chance in Mexico and that its odds, at least from a mathematical point of view, are what they are. Thus, playing in moderation and never ceasing to think of it as fun is the best thing to do about it.


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