Trips abroad are an opportunity to explore new places, immerse yourself in different cultures and create unforgettable memories. But in the digital age, staying connected to the Internet has become essential for many people, whether to communicate with friends and family, use online maps, access tourist information or share your experiences on social networks.

Fortunately, there are several options to ensure you have Internet access during your trip abroad. Here are some of the best ways to stay connected during an adventure abroad.

International Roaming

Many mobile operators offer international roaming options that allow you to use your mobile data abroad. However, this can be expensive, so be sure to check plans and rates ahead of time.

If you plan to roam, turn off automatic updates and data-intensive apps to avoid surprises on your bill.

Local SIM card

An affordable option is to purchase a local SIM card at your destination. This will provide them with a local number and access to local data rates. There are telephone companies that offer plans for tourists with data for a certain number of days, investigate this possibility in your destination.

Your phone must be unlocked in order to use a different SIM card than the one used in your country.

Pocket device or Mobile Hotspot

They may consider renting or purchasing a pocket device or mobile hotspot at their destination. These devices provide a portable Wi-Fi connection that can be shared with multiple devices.

It is an excellent option if you travel in a group or need a stable connection.

Free Wi-Fi in hotels and cafes

Many hotels, restaurants and cafes offer free Wi-Fi access. Take advantage of these connections when you are in these locations to save on your mobile data.

But be careful, since they are open networks, security is lower and it is advisable not to use sensitive data or passwords on these sites.

Offline map apps

Before traveling, download offline map applications, such as Google Maps or MAPS.ME. This will allow them to browse without an Internet connection, which is useful for exploring destinations without using data.

Travel SIM cards

Some companies offer global travel SIM cards that give them access to data in multiple countries. This can be a convenient option if you plan to visit multiple international locations.

They are generally contracted prior to the departure of the trip and the chip is taken from their country of origin.

Why not disconnect?

Although the internet has become essential in our daily lives, traveling offline will also allow you a different experience, as Alan around the World says in his book Traveling will change your life:

“If we are aware that now is what counts, no matter where we are or what situation we have been involved in, we will embrace it as it comes. We will be present without judgment and learn to squeeze every drop of life’s juice. Travel gives us that state of understanding and the opportunity to apply this in our daily lives.”


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