Visiting the Terracotta Warriors is a must-do in Xi’an. These famous figures are located on the outskirts of the city. Specifically in the Lintong district, about 40 kilometers northeast of the center. There are several ways to go to the Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an. Everything will depend on the time you have and what you want to spend. Of course, don’t rush too much because tickets are limited. Below we will tell you how to go from Xi’an to the terracotta warriors so you can discover one of the main attractions of China.

Book tickets in advance

Regardless of which method of transportation you end up using to get to the Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an, We advise you to get your tickets in advance.. Each day there are a limited number of entries and if there is one thing we learned in China, it is that there numbers mean nothing with so many crowds.

If you go early in the morning you shouldn’t have a problem (although you will have to wait in a long line to buy them). We reserve them online and apart from going with our homework done, we picked them up without waiting in line for a minute.

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1. Organized tour, the most convenient way to go to Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an

⏱️ Duration: noon
💰 Precio: €45 group tour with guide in English | €160 private tour with guide in Spanish

The most convenient way to reach the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an is to book a organized excursion. Includes transportation directly from your hotel, a visit to the venue with a guide in English and food. If you prefer a guide in Spanish, you can book this private excursion only for you and your companions.

With any of these excursions you will discover all the details of the fascinating history of the terracotta army. In any case, after the visit you will be dropped back at the accommodation or place of your choice in Xi’an.

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go to the terracotta warriors
The famous terracotta warriors

2. Bus 306 (5), the cheapest way to Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an

⏱️ Duration: 1 hour
💰 Precio: 7 yuan

If what you are looking for is to save and you don’t mind taking a little longer, bus is the best option to go to terracotta warriors from Xi’an. This is a special tourist bus line that links the city of Xi’an with its most famous attraction.

Buses on line 306 (5) depart from the east plaza of Xi’an Railway Station. It is easy to find and you will see that there are always plenty of buses waiting. Tickets cannot be reserved in advance as the bus leaves when it is full. Once it has started, an operator will approach your seat to charge you. The trip costs only 7 yuan per person and takes about an hour. It couldn’t be cheaper!

The first bus leaves at 7:00 a.m. and the last one at 7:00 p.m. Definitely, The most economical way to go to the Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an.

Of course, be careful at the station. Once you arrive at the platform where the buses are parked, workers from other companies will tell you where you should go to catch the bus. Don’t pay attention to them, they will not take you to line 306 (5), but to a different bus. The public bus operators will never come to tell you anything. Just ignore it, try to locate 306 (5) and get on.

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3. Metro + bus, another alternative to go to the Terracotta Warriors by public transport

⏱️ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
💰 Precio: 18 yuan (with daily subway pass)

Use the metro de Xi’an It is another public transportation option to reach the famous Terracotta Warriors. Of course, it involves making two transfers and the total trip from the city center takes around 90 minutes. That’s why, we think the 306 tourist bus is more practicalin addition to costing the same.

First of all, you will have to take the metro line 1 from the stop closest to your accommodation. It passes through the most central areas of Xi’an. You will have to get off at the last station on the line: Fangzhicheng. Once there, take the Line 9 to Huaqing Pool Station. This entire journey takes about an hour. To avoid having to get tickets individually, we recommend buying a unlimited subway travel pass for one day for 15 yuan.

From outside Huaqing Pool Station come the bus lines 602 and 613. Both will take you to the Terracotta Army for 3 yuan.

4. Taxi, a comfortable but expensive option

⏱️ Duration: 50 minutes
💰 Precio: 170 yuan

Finally, if you want to go on your own but at the same time are looking for comfort, Taxi is one of the best options to go to Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an. You can book it yourself from the hotel whenever you feel like going. We think it is not worth it because it also takes about an hour, almost the same as the bus.

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Taking a taxi to the Terracotta Warriors will cost you about 150 yuan plus 20 yuan toll. Being able to easily go for 7 more or less in the same time, we believe that it is not worth paying such a difference.

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