Going from Venice to Murano and Burano in one day is super easy. These two small islands are one of the Best excursions from Venice. Murano is known for its production of hand-blown glass, and Burano, a fishing village for its picturesque colorful houses. Both islands are magical! in this post we tell you how to go from Venice to Murano and Burano plus some tips to make the most of your excursion.


1. Day trip to Murano and Burano, if you don’t want to worry about a thing

If you are looking for comfort, Hiring a day trip to visit Murano and Burano can be a fantastic option.no. In this case, it will include a guide’s comments in Spanish and you won’t have to worry about buying tickets or putting the most interesting attractions on both islands on the map.

In addition, the tour includes a visit to a famous Murano glass factory and a lace workshop on Burano. Both are very interesting!

Going from Venice to Murano and Burano is easy, but If you don’t want to worry about anything and you are interested in the advice of a guide, hiring an excursion in Spanish can be a good alternative..

Book the excursion to Murano and Burano in Spanish

go from Venice to Murano
Burano, a beautiful island

2. How to go from Venice to Murano by vaporetto (and then to Burano)

Journey time: 15 minutes to Murano and 45 minutes to Burano
💰 Price of the trip: €19 (round trip to Murano) and €28.50 (if you also include Burano)

The cheapest and easiest way to get to Murano and Burano is by vaporetto. In case you are not yet familiar with transportation in Venice, basically the vaporetto would be the public (but water) bus.

Vaporetto line 12 runs from Venice to Burano, stopping at Murano. The vaporetto leaves from fondly nine, in the old town of Venice. This is the only line that will take you to both islands on the same route. However, there are also lines 4.1 and 4.2 that offer a round trip from Fondamente Nove to Muranoand from there, you will have to take number 12 to Burano.

If you sleep near the Venezia Santa Lucía station, line 3 also leaves from there, although in this case the journey is longer and will take approximately 30 minutes.

You should know that there is NO direct vaporetto between Venice and Burano, but always stops in Murano before. In addition, there are quite a few frequencies, since a vaporetto leaves every 20 or 30 minutes. You can check the schedules on the official website of transport in Venice.

The journey time to go from Venice to Murano is only 15 minutes and to go from Venice to Burano, it will take about 45 minutes.

A single ticket to go from Venice to Murano costs €9.50 and is valid for 75 minutes.. If you want to go directly from Venice to Burano, the price is the same. However, if you then want to go from Murano to Burano, you will have to pay another €9.50 and to return to Venice, another €9.50.

To return from Burano to Venice, you must take line 12 and will take you directly to Fondamente Nove, in the historic center of Venice.

Buy the Venezia Daily Pass to save

Each vaporetto trip costs €9.50 each wayregardless of distance. If you plan to go from Venice to Murano and Burano in one day, it will be worth buying the Venezia Daily Pass. The one day card has a cost of €25. Visiting the two islands in 24 hours will cost you three vaporetto rides per day and in total it would be €28.50. The savings is not much, but it is already something!

If you only want to visit Murano, it will NOT work for you.

Using this card gives you unlimited use of the vaporetto, including travel to Murano and Burano, for a set number of days.

1 day: €25
2 days: €35
3 days: €45
7 days: €65

Of course, you must take into account that, If you travel in summer, the vaporettos tend to burst and it’s very hot inside. However, the only alternative is to take a water taxi, which is much more expensive. Our advice is to leave early to avoid queues and crowds.

go from Venice to Murano
The picturesque houses of Murano

3. Water taxi, if you want more comfort

Journey time: approximately 15 minutes
💰 Price of the trip: from €100

Water taxis in Venice are a luxury transportation alternative. Basically they are the taxis available in any city, with the only difference that in Venice they circulate on the water. To go from Venice to Murano it is the only alternative to the vaporetto. And it is much more expensive!

We think it’s only worth it if you don’t like the idea of ​​sharing a ride with strangers or if you’re traveling with a group of several people, so you can offset the cost a bit.

4. Tips for going from Venice to Murano and Burano

Before going from Venice to Murano and Buranowe think it’s interesting to give you these tips to help you have a better travel experience.

4.1. carry cash

To visit Murano and Burano from Venice we recommend you bring cash. In many places they do not accept cards, so it is better to be proactive. You will want to buy everything!

Take out some cash before you go. Many places on Murano and Burano are cash only. You will also have to pay a small fee to use the public toilets.

4.2. dawn

It is super important that you go early, especially during the summer. At noon both islands are usually packed, just like the vaporettos. There really aren’t many transportation alternatives from Venice to Murano and Burano, so everyone goes by vaporetto. Even the excursions!

So if you want some advice, get up early and beat the crowds so you don’t get overwhelmed on public transport.

4.3. Buy the Daily Pass if you want to visit Murano and Burano in the same day

If your intention is to go to Murano and Burano from Venice in the same day, we recommend buying the daily pass. You will end up paying €25 instead of €28.50.


Below we will answer a few frequently asked questions as a summary.

What is the cheapest option to get from Venice to Murano?

If you want to save, the vaporetto is the cheapest option to go from Venice to Murano. The price per journey is €9.50much cheaper than the water taxi.

Is there a direct vaporetto to get to Burano from Venice?

There is no direct vaporetto line to go from Venice to Burano. They will all take you to Murano and from there, only line 12 will take you to Burano.

What option do we recommend to get to Murano from Venice?

The vaporetto is the best option to go from Venice to Murano and Burano. There is a lot of difference in price with the water taxi, so we believe that it is not worth paying more. If you sleep in the center of Venice, we recommend taking line 12.

How far is it from Venice to Murano?

Between Venice and Murano there are only 3.5 kilometers away and from Murano to Burano about 4.5 kilometers. Everything is pretty close!


On the following map you will find marked the piers to go from Venice to Murano and Burano.

Source: https://lostraveleros.com/como-ir-de-venecia-a-murano-burano/

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