Going from Santa Marta to Minca is a piece of cake. Fortunately, the journey is super short and Minca is a charming destination, so you can’t leave Santa Marta without seeing this little one located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The most attractive thing is the pure nature that surrounds it. You have a lot to explore, impressive waterfalls, natural pools, beautiful trails full of typical animals of the area. If you are in Santa Marta you will want to visit nearby destinations such as the Tayrona Park and, of course, Minca. In this post we tell you 3 options to go from Santa Marta to Minca + some tips so you don’t make mistakes.

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1. Excursion to Minca, the most comfortable option

Tour duration: 9 hours
💰 Excursion price: 43€

Book a tour for Going from Santa Marta to Minca is the most comfortable option. Especially since you won’t have to worry about driving or taking the bus. They will even pick you up at the hotel. The complete tour lasts about 9 hours and you will be able to learn about the coffee making process, cool off in the waters of the Gaira River and visit the cocoa museum. You will have the full experience!

on this excursion transportation and lunch are included. You will only have to dedicate yourself to enjoy. Besides, a guide will accompany you to tell you all the details of this magical place, which is very helpful. It will be a day of exploration through the forests of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia!

Book the excursion to Minca

ir de Santa Marta a Minca
The famous Oído del Mundo waterfall, in Minca

2. Take a taxi or hire a private transfer

Journey time: 35 minutes approximately
💰 Price of the trip: From 60,000 COP or €12 (one way)

Other excellent option to go from Santa Marta to Minca is to hire a private transport. It will leave you at the door of the hotel and you can coordinate so that it also returns you to Santa Marta. If you have several suitcases, a taxi will be great for you. The transfer lasts 35 minutesso you will arrive in the blink of an eye.

We look for a reliable taxi to transport us. He took us to and from Minca without problems, he was very punctual and friendly all the time. We paid 60,000 COP each way (€12). Taxis usually charge much more. So it’s a very good choice! If you want the phone number of this person, write to us by email that you will find in the contact section of the blog.

The advantage of hiring a private transfer is that, once in Minca, you can go at your leisure. However, you should know that a car cannot accompany you too much there, since the roads are very complicated and you will have to get around with a 4×4 or the motorcycle services that are in the city.

3. How to go from Santa Marta to Minca by public bus

Journey time: 45 minutes approximately
💰 Price of the trip: 8.000 COP or 2€ (ida only)

This It is the best option to go from Santa Marta to Mincabut not the most comfortable. The journey can take a little over 45 minutes . You will find the bus or bus at the corner of Carrera 9 and Calle 12, in the Santa Marta Public Market, in the Cootrasminca office. The price of this transfer is 8,000 COP (€2) per person.

If you have a lot of luggage or even if you are very tall, this option will not be so ideal because the bus is quite small. Try to occupy the front seats that are usually less crowded. Oh, and keep an eye on your luggage! If you are looking to save, it is the most convenient option to go from Santa Marta to Minca.


What is the fastest option to make the journey?

For us, the fastest option is to hire a taxi to go from Santa Marta to Minca. Although the duration of the journey is almost similar in all options. In this you will not have to search for the bus. But the most important thing is that you look for a trustworthy driver and with whom you can negotiate the price.

We recommend you contact the person who took us from Santa Marta to Minca. The cost was 60.000 COP (12€) one way. Which is very cheap compared to other taxi services. If you want his phone, send us an email. You will find our information in the contact section of the blog.

What is the cheapest option to get to Minca from Santa Marta?

Definitely, the cheapest option is the bus or collective. you will pay hardly 8,000 COP (€2) per person. So, if your budget is somewhat tight, this is the most ideal. Also, if you are not heavily loaded with luggage you will not have any problem.

It might be hard to find the busJust remember that it is a small bus that is usually white. If you ask the locals, they will also help you to get to the starting point.

What option do we recommend to get to Minca from Santa Marta?

Definitely, we stay with private transport. For us it was a relief to find a trustworthy person for this journey. He even made all the transfers for us on our visit to Santa Marta and Tayrona Park. You will have to dedicate a little more budget to it, unlike the bus, but for us comfort is priceless.

How many kilometers are there from Santa Marta to Minca?

Fortunately, Between Santa Marta and Minca there are approximately 21 kilometers. It’s super close! So you can not miss this fantastic visit.

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