Getting from Naples airport to the city center is quick, easy and cheap. And it is that Naples – Capodichino airport is only 5 kilometers from the city center. Even so, there are several transportation options for all budgets. The good news is that, at the most, it will take half an hour to get to the city center. there are so many things to do in Naples, one of the most vibrant destinations in Italy. we tell you how to go from Naples airport to the city center by bus, taxi or car.


1. Taxi or private transfer, the fastest way to get to your hotel

⏱️ Travel time: 10 minutes

💰 Precio: from €18

Taking a taxi is the fastest way to get directly to your accommodation in Naples. Taxis have a fixed price of €18 for the journey from the airport to the historic center, where most hotels are located. The taxi rank is just outside the airport terminal. Although there is sometimes a queue at the busiest times of the day, be patient and wait your turn. Do not listen to so-called taxi drivers who offer to take you to the city, since they will surely want to charge you much more money.

To keep everything under control you can book a private transfer from Naples airport to your hotel. A professional driver will be waiting for you inside the terminal with a sign with your name, he will accompany you to the car and drop you off at your accommodation.

Book a private transfer to your accommodation in Naples

It takes about 10 minutes to go from the airport to Naples by car. Total travel time it will depend on the exact location of your hotel in Naples and the traffic that there is at that moment. The streets of Naples are quite congested with cars and many motorcycles. Also, you should keep in mind that if you stay in the historic center, there are some pedestrian streets with traffic restrictions. Therefore, it is likely that the taxi cannot leave you exactly at the door of the accommodation.

In any case, It is the most comfortable transport, especially if you carry a lot of luggage. is also a smart option if you travel with two or three companionssince it will cost you practically the same as going by public transport.

how to go from naples airport to the city center
The streets of Naples are full of motorbikes!

2. Bus, the cheapest way to go from Naples airport to the center

⏱️ Travel time: 15-35 minutes (depending on the stop where you get off)

💰 Precio: 5€

Are you looking for the cheapest transport to get to Naples from the airport? The Alibus bus will be your ally. There are departures from the airport every 20 minutes from early morning to midnight. The journey to Piazza Garibaldi (next to Naples Central Station) takes only 15 minutes. You can also use this bus to go from Naples airport to the port in 35 minutesjust stay on board the bus and wait for the last stop.

The ticket costs €5 and we recommend you buy it online. In this way you will not have to queue at the ticket office when landing in Naples. You can get on the bus directly by showing your mobile ticket to the driver. Do not worry if your flight is delayed or something unforeseen arises, the ticket is valid for any departure 🙂 You can also buy round trip for €10.

Book your ticket for the Naples airport bus

The airport stop is a couple of minutes walk from the exit of the terminalJust follow the directions. Once on the bus the first stop is in front of the central station, in Piazza Garibaldi. If your accommodation is not close to walk, you can take the metro from there. The following stops are Pisacane, Piazza Immacolatella and Martima station. The latter is next to the port of Naples, ideal if you are flying to Naples to board a cruise ship. The stops to make the journey back to the airport from Naples are exactly the same.

3. Rent a car at the airport

⏱️ Travel time: 10 minutes

💰 Precio: €40 per day approximately

As a last option, you can rent a car as soon as you land at Naples airport. DO NOT do this if you plan to spend a few days visiting the city! before driving to the Amalfi Coast or other areas of Italia!

The historic center of Naples has many traffic restrictions and pedestrian zones, so you will not be able to use the car comfortably to move around the city. And it’s not necessary either, since most of the attractions can be easily explored on foot or by taking advantage of the city’s metro network. Therefore, you will be paying the rental of the vehicle without using it plus the price of a car park where you have it parked.

Therefore, If you want to visit the city, we recommend you go by bus or taxi from the airport. Fortunately it is very close and when you really need the car to start a route through Italy you can go back to the airport quickly. There are the majority of car rental offices and, therefore, you will find better prices than picking up the car in the city.

Find the best price to rent a car in Naples

The advantages of renting a car to move around Naples are many. Mainly that you will be able to move as you please without depending on public transport that is not very efficient in the southern part of Italy. It will also make your life easier when it comes to transporting your luggage comfortably and you will be able to choose accommodation a little further away from the tourist areas, saving money. You can visit places like the historic city of Pompeii, the Vesuvius volcano or the Amalfi coast.

how to go from naples airport to the city center
The streets of Naples are beautiful for a leisurely walk, but driving by car can be very stressful


How long does it take to go from Naples airport to the center?

It depends on the transport you choose. By taxi or car it takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the center of Naples. It’s you by bus, it will take 15 minutes to the central station and 35 minutes to the port.

What is the cheapest way to get to the center of Naples from the airport?

The Alibus bus costs €5 and is the cheapest transport to go from Naples airport to the city center.

How much is a taxi from Naples airport to the city center?

A taxi from Naples airport to the historic center costs €18,00. It is a fixed rate valid for all routes. Too you can book a private transfer so you don’t have to queue waiting for the next available taxi.


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