Valencia, the third largest city to see in Spain, It is a destination that you cannot miss on a route through the country. From its famous City of Arts and Sciences to its beaches and delicious cuisine, this place has a lot to offer. if you’re wondering how to get from Madrid to Valencia, there are many transport options for all budgets.

Although the distance between the two cities is approximately 360 kilometersIt depends on the transport you choose, the trip will pass immediately. In this article we will tell you all transportation options to get from Madrid to Valencia by train, plane, bus or car. We hope you choose the best option for you and enjoy the trip to the city of fallas and paella. In addition, we leave you the best excursions you can do from Valencia in case you plan to spend a few days in the area.


1. Go from Madrid to Valencia by train, the most comfortable and economical option

💰 Price of the journey: from €8
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 1 hour 50 minutes

If what you are looking for is a fast and cheap transportwith the high-speed train you can go from Madrid to Valencia in less than two hours. Trains leave frequently from the station Madrid Chamartin until Joaquin Sorolla in Valencia. Once there, the train station is only a 20-minute walk from the historic center. Being able to go so quickly from the center of one city to another is the main advantage of traveling by train.

Another benefit of traveling by train is that you can save a few euros compared to the other options. You will find tickets starting at €8 with a personal object and a carry-on suitcase. at the time of book your ticket onlineTake a look at what’s included. By offering such cheap rates, they will usually make you pay extra for large bags. Hay four different companies that cover the journey from Madrid to Valencia by train: Iryo, Ouigo, Avlo and AVE. Do not worry about having to check prices and schedules in each of them, This comparator will make your life easier by showing you all the options at a glance.

Check schedules and book your train ticket online

The trains have amenities on board such as ample seats, Wi-Fi connection and bar service. And that’s not all, since the trains are designed to be accessible for people with reduced mobility. This includes the implementation of ramps, reserved spaces and adapted bathrooms. During your journey you can be entertained thanks to the train’s WiFi or simply look out the window contemplating the plains of central Spain.

Valencia train station
The train station where you will arrive in Valencia

2. Route by car, ideal to learn more about Spain along the way

💰 Price of the journey: from €10
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 4 hours

Going from Madrid to Valencia by car is a very common option. The route that connects both cities is the A-3 motorway, with more than 350 kilometers that can be covered in about 4 hours. We strongly recommend that you book a hotel with parking in Valenciasince finding parking in the city can be a headache.

In case you do not have your own vehicle, you can find rental cars from €10 per day. To that price you must add the fuel you spend on the journey. We recommend using this route planner to have an estimate of the price of gasoline.

Another aspect that you have to consider is traffic. On weekends or vacation times, those 4 hours of travel could be extended. However, this is the perfect option to make the trip at your own pace with total peace of mind without depending on schedules. along the way you can make a small detour to visit the cities of Cuenca or Albacete.

How to go from Madrid to Valencia
The streets of the historic center of Valencia are charming

3. Plane, a way to go from Madrid to Valencia fast

💰 Price of the journey: from €32
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 1 hour

As the last option for go from Madrid to Valencia, you can opt for the plane if you want the shortest possible trip. He flight time is only 1 hour. Although you should take into account the travel time from the center of Madrid to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. Valencia airport is located about 8 kilometers from the city center. Once there, you can quickly reach any point in the city by taxi, metro or bus.

Find cheap flights from Madrid to Valencia

Hay several airlines that offer several daily direct flights with tickets starting at €32. The prices are very variable depending on the season and in advance with which you book, so we recommend buying your tickets online as soon as possible.

4. Bus, a slow transport to get to Valencia

💰 Price of the journey: from €30
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 4-5 hours

Going from Madrid to Valencia by bus is the option that we least recommend due to its price and the time it takes to reach its destination. The Avanza bus company has several daily departures and offers tickets from €30. The trip lasts between 4 and 5 hours, depending on traffic and time of day. The buses are modern and equipped with air conditioning, bathroom and reclining seats, which makes the trip more enjoyable.

Hay departures from the south bus station in Madrid, as well as from the various terminals of the Madrid-Barajas airport. We don’t see much point in choosing the bus if you leave from the center of Madrid because the train is much faster and cheaper. But if It can be a good option if you land at Madrid airport and want to go directly to Valencia without having to go through the center of the capital. Once in Valencia, you won’t have any complications getting around because the bus station is very close to the historic center.

How to go from Madrid to Valencia
The famous City of Arts and Sciences is a true Valencian icon


How long does it take to go from Madrid to Barcelona?

This will depend on the transport you choose. Here are the approximate travel times:

  • Plane: 1 hour (plus wait before boarding)
  • Train: 2 hours
  • Car: 4 hours
  • Bus: 4-5 hours

How to go from Madrid to Valencia fast?

If your priority is to get to Valencia as soon as possible, we recommend using the train. it will take Less than two hours to go from Madrid to Valencia and the tickets are very cheap. Although a flight is shorter, you will end up wasting much more time and money traveling to/from the airports of both cities, since they are located on the outskirts.

How much does it cost to get from Madrid to Valencia?

This will depend on when you buy your tickets. We recommend you book them in advance, since the price usually increases if you wait too long. However, the cheapest option is the train, with tickets from €8. Although if you prefer to fly, the cost of the flight starts at €32.

What is the cheapest way to get from Madrid to Valencia?

The train is the cheapest transport to go from Madrid to Valencia with tickets from €8.


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