Going from Istanbul to Cappadocia is very easy despite the fact that they are separated by about 700 kilometers. Most travelers take the opportunity to see two of the most beautiful places in Turkey on the same trip. Therefore, there is a wide variety of transportation options for all tastes and budgets.

In any case, you should not miss those valleys with unique geological formations in the world: the fairy chimneys. The rocks create amazing shapes that will blow your mind. Therefore, visiting the Cappadocia region is undoubtedly one of the best tours from istanbul. we tell you all transportation options to get from Istanbul to Cappadocia by plane, bus, train or car. Which one do you prefer? 🙂


1. Hire an excursion to go from Istanbul to Cappadocia, the most comfortable option

⏱️ from 1 to 6 daysdepending on the time you want to dedicate to Cappadocia

💰 From €255 with transfers, accommodation, tickets, some meals and guide in Spanish

The most practical way to discover the charms of Cappadocia is by booking a tour. You won’t have to worry about organizing transfers, either from Istanbul or once there. Keep in mind that the region’s attractions are scattered and transportation is needed to get from one place to another. With the excursions you will have those travel included, as well as accommodation, tickets, some meals and valuable explanations in Spanish from a guide.

There are various excursions for go to cappadocia from istanbul:

  • 4-Day Cappadocia Tour. The ideal is to do a 4-day excursion with transfer by bus and stop in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Afterwards, you will spend two full days seeing the best places in Cappadocia before heading back to Istanbul or continuing on to your next destination. The price is great for everything it offers.with the advantage of not having to organize anything on your own.
  • 6 days through Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephesus. If you have two extra days, you should take the opportunity to see Pamukkale with its hot springs on white terraces and Ephesus with its archaeological remains steeped in history. They are two of the most impressive places in Turkey!
  • Cappadocia day trip by plane. In case you only have one day, don’t think about it and book this tour! It includes round trip by plane to make the most of the day marveling at the landscapes of Cappadocia. You will leave your hotel in Istanbul very early in the morning and return late at night, but it is totally worth it.
how to go from istanbul to cappadocia
Contemplating the sunrise from a hot air balloon is an essential plan in Cappadocia

2. How to go from Istanbul to Cappadocia by plane, the fastest transport

⏱️ 1 hour flight

💰 From €25

There are two main airlines that offer routes from Istanbul to Cappadocia. These are Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines (although some flights are operated by AnadoluJet). The trip takes just one hour. The prices of the route vary, but are usually between €25 and €50 each way. Very cheap, especially if you book in advance.

Which airport to choose to fly to Cappadocia from Istanbul?

There are two airports close to the most touristic valleys of Cappadocia. First, there are more flights to kayseri airport. It is located about 80 kilometers from the towns that make up the tourist center of Cappadocia.

Find cheap flights from Istanbul to Kayseri

On the other side is the Nevşehir airport, smaller and with fewer flights. The main advantage is that it is closer to the valleys of Cappadociaabout 40 kilometers.

Find cheap flights from Istanbul to Nevsehir

Both airports are convenient for reaching the heart of Cappadocia and the prices of the flights are usually similar. Therefore, decide based on the departure times that suit you best.

It is super important that you look carefully at the departure airport from Istanbul. There are two different airports in the city: Istanbul International Airport (IST code, on the European side of the city) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW code, on the Asian side). In any case, We tell you all the transportation options to go from the center of Istanbul to any of the two airports in the city.

3. How to get to Cappadocia by bus, the cheapest transport

⏱️ From 9 to 11 hours

💰 From €25

Going from Istanbul to Cappadocia by bus is the best option if you prioritize saving money. Tickets cost from €25 to €30, depending on the departure time and how far in advance you book. There are two companies that cover the route from Istanbul to Nevşehir: Flixbus y metro tourism. We recommend the first one because It has a website in Spanish, you can pay in euros and it offers bus stops closer to the center of Istanbul. On the map at the end of this article you will find the exact location of all the stops. The road trip lasts from 9 to 11 hoursdepending on the exact departure you book and the number of stops along the way.

Book your bus ticket to go to Cappadocia

With all the reason in the world, surely you are considering this: “If bus tickets cost practically the same as flights but take much longer, what is the advantage of the bus?”. The savings of traveling by bus lie in choosing a night route. Thus, you will stop paying for a hotel night and wake up in idyllic Cappadocia. The night buses are usually full during the most touristic months, so do not wait until the last minute to reserve your seat.

Obviously, We only recommend going from Istanbul to Cappadocia by bus if you have some ease to rest while traveling. Otherwise, such a long trip can be too heavy and you will arrive at your destination totally exhausted. The buses are quite comfortablethey also have WiFi and plugs.

how to go from istanbul to cappadocia
Ortahisar Castle, one of the most beautiful places in Cappadocia

4. Go from Istanbul to Cappadocia by train + bus to stop in Ankara or Konya

⏱️ 4h by train + 3h by bus

💰 25€

If such a long bus trip doesn’t quite convince you but you don’t want to fly either, we recommend this option for go from istanbul to cappadocia. It’s about taking the high-speed train from Istanbul to Ankara, the Turkish capital. The tickets cost 215 lire (about €11) and the trip lasts just under 4 hours.

Once at your destination, you can spend a few hours exploring the city, book a hotel for the night if you can’t sleep a wink on public transport, and continue on to Cappadocia the next day. From Ankara there are frequent bus departures to Nevşehirthe main transportation hub in Cappadocia. The bus trip lasts 3 hours and tickets cost €14.

You can also combine train and bus passing through Konya as an intermediate stop. Travel times are similar and it is a more charming city than the country’s capital.

5. Rent a car to get to Cappadocia

⏱️ 9 hoursbut you can spend more time on the trip making interesting stops

💰 €20 a day to rent a car + €50 of fuel

As the last option for go from istanbul to cappadociayou can rent a car and explore the more than 700 kilometers that separate both places. It is a great option if you have time to stop to see other interesting places along the way, there is no shortage of incredible places to see in Turkey! We suggest some stops: Bursa, Ankara, Konya, the Ottoman village of Safranbolu, the Bronze Age ruins of Gordion or Hattusa.

Although you could also visit these places by public transport, having a vehicle will allow you to do so much more easily. It won’t take that long and you can set your own schedules. Also, the car will be great for you to move between the different attractions of the Cappadocia region, saving money compared to transfers around the area. Renting a car in Turkey is quite cheap: you can find cars for less than €20 a day.

Book a rental car in Istanbul

According to this route calculator, the cost of fuel to go to Cappadocia is around €50. We advise you to enter the exact price of gasoline at the time of your trip and the model of car you are going to drive. This way you will have more accurate results. In summary, Going from Istanbul to Cappadocia by car is a fairly cheap option, especially if you travel with several companions.

How do you drive in Turkey?

Roads in Turkey are mostly in good condition. The only drawback is that the Turks tend to drive quite aggressively. If you get into areas with traffic, be prepared to hear a lot of honking and see how all the drivers around you are impatient to reach their destination. This is especially the case in the center of Istanbul, leaving the city is a real chaos. That’s why I we recommend renting the car in an office on the outskirts of Istanbul, even in those of the airport that is where there is more offer of vehicles. Even if you have to take a taxi there, it will save you some stress behind the wheel.



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