The need to travel has become an essential element in our lives, especially since journeys are becoming faster and more accessible for any tourist. Distances have been greatly shortened in recent years, while information about other destinations has multiplied exponentially with the development of social networks and new technologies.

These factors have changed the traditional tourist flows both nationally and internationally, something that can be clearly seen in the north of Spain. Communities such as Cantabria, Asturias or Galicia used other bordering regions for their vacations, while travelers who demanded a format closer to the sun and the beach opted for the Levantine coast due to its proximity and good land communication.

However, the destination of the Canary Islands has emerged as one of the favorites in this decade, since it brings together a series of competitive advantages that combine the best coasts with good gastronomy, a spectacular climate throughout the year or a good quality relationship. -Very striking price. For example, the possibility of flying with Binter through eDreams, or any other travel agency online serious, which offers us very interesting prices with departures from Vigo or Santander, since it operates with a local airline from the archipelago. In addition, this type of comparators offer important support to the buyer, a determining factor when planning a trip.

This airline, Binter, is based in the Canary Islands, so it is specialized in this type of journey and has two decades of experience behind it. The value for money has become one of its main competitive advantages, at the same time that it operates with different flights inside and outside the archipelago.

For example, we have the possibility of traveling from Vigo or Santander to Las Palmas to enjoy our holidays, but there is also the possibility of using this island as a stopover. This allows us to take advantage of any other nearby destination, since all the islands of the archipelago have their own airport and Binter operates in all of them.

The plane has established itself as one of the favorite means of transport for travelers due to the comfort and speed of travel. In addition, tourists who come from the north of Spain can only consider this option given the time that is invested on the road and by ferry to the Canary Islands.

The data proves the archipelago right

The archipelago is the preferred destination for international tourists, according to data from the INE (National Statistics Institute) and hosted 24.7% of total trips in March. This figure is due to the popularity of the Canary Islands in terms of tourism over the years, but also to an evolution in the sector that has allowed it to distance itself from other direct competitors.

This translates into very positive short-term forecasts, even taking into account that summer is not the high season in the archipelago. The last quarter of the year is usually the most recommended due to the weather and the less tourist mass, something that is starting a new travel trend that focuses on escaping the high seasons.

The Canary Islands have increased sales of their tourism sector by 15.4% compared to 2019, something that demonstrates the full recovery of the sector and sustained growth over time. Likewise, these figures are beginning to be directly felt both in the amount of employment generated by this industry and in the quality of these jobs, something that directly influences the socioeconomic power of the archipelago itself.

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The beautiful beach of Las Teresitas in Tenerife

A journey to lengthen in time

Another of the advantages that the Canary Islands have compared to other regions is the possibility of adapting the trip over time, that is, you can enjoy a weekend off or three months of teleworking. The possibility of selecting an island to later extend our tour is a differentiating element.

Specialized tourism portals highlight Lanzarote as the best island to visit, especially since its volcanic nature makes it a special destination. However, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria are not far behind, especially if we are also looking for other incentives such as nightlife, sports or culture.

It is possible to discover the archipelago in the same trip, but it is normal to enjoy it in phases. Thus, tourists arrive on an island to spend a few days and fall in love with the region, so they return several times to see the rest of the islands.

The presence of La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro or La Graciosa gains weight at this point, since they are much smaller destinations and are suitable for any getaway. These destinations complement each other perfectly with larger islands and offer a package of experiences within the reach of very few regions both in Spain and on the European continent.

The quality of the beaches as a differentiating element

Finally, we must focus on the quality of the beaches of the Canary Islands as one of the factors that most tips the balance in their favor. The Government of the Canary Islands has made many efforts to take care of one of its most precious natural resources and its coasts have become a hallmark.

The archipelago has achieved 56 Blue Flag badges on its beaches and another four in its marinas by 2023. This represents an increase compared to the previous year and once again shows that sustainability is not at odds with the tourism industry.

Sun and beach tourism has been one of the differentiating elements of Spain at the tourist level, something that has allowed it to gain significant international renown. Of course, the Canary Islands take advantage of this factor to make themselves known, but their attractiveness cannot be compared with other similar destinations such as Mallorca or Benidorm.

The archipelago is looking for a different traveler profile, who wants to take advantage of the good weather and extend their stays around other cultural or sporting interests. Thus, the gastronomy, the hiking trails, the water sports or the long history of the islands become fundamental aspects to attract the attention of travelers.

All this accumulation of ideas is what makes the Canary Islands one of the preferred destinations for regions such as Cantabria, Asturias or Galicia, which are also authentic tourist powers by highlighting other differentiating elements. The connection by plane is the only possible one given the time involved in any other type of travel, while the charm of the archipelago leaves no traveler indifferent.


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