Getting from Luton airport to London is very easy thanks to the variety of transportation available. It is one of the six airports in the British capital, where mainly airlines operate low cost. If you’ve found a cheap flight to London, you’ll probably land in Luton. The airport is located about 50 kilometers northeast of central London.

we tell you all transport options to get from Luton to London by bus, train or taxi. At the end of the article you will find a map with the location of all the stops and stations mentioned so you can check which one is closest to your accommodation 🙂


1. Transfer from Luton to your accommodation, the most comfortable option

⏱️ Journey time: 1 hour
💰 Precio: €136 per vehicle

Are you looking for the maximum comfort to get to your hotel or apartment in London? You can book a transfer so that a professional driver will wait for you at the terminal when you land in Luton. He will help you with your luggage and take you to the door of your accommodation. The road trip takes about an hour.but in hours of more traffic it can be extended.

Book private transfer from Luton to your hotel

It is undoubtedly the most practical option, but also the most expensive to get to central London. Yes indeed, It is very useful if you travel with several companions and you split the cost of the vehicle. And it is that, in addition to cars, they offer minivans with capacity up to 8 passengers.

how to get from luton airport to london
A scandalous sunset next to Big Ben

2. Bus, the cheapest way to get from Luton to London

⏱️ Journey time: 1 hour 30 minutes approximately
💰 Precio: from €8

If you prioritize saving to go from Luton airport to central London, the bus will be your best ally. The stop is just outside the airport terminal and there is frequent departures 24 hours. The trip takes about an hour and a half.depending on the specific stop where you get off and the traffic at that time.

There are two different bus companies to get to central London. Both allow to carry up to two large suitcases in the trunk and one personal item on board. Below we detail the particularities of each bus company, but You can see all the options with schedules and stops in this comparator.

2.1. Green Line Bus / Terravision / Megabus

The Green Line bus company has departures from Luton to London 24 hours a day. They are every half hour during the day and once an hour at night. It makes various stops in central London: Brent Cross, Finchley Road Station, Baker Street, Marble Arch y Victoria Station (see map with all locations marked in purple). All of them are next to a metro stop that you can use to get closer to your accommodation if necessary.

Book your bus tickets Luton-London

We recommend you buy the tickets through Terravision, as they offer the best prices. One way costs £11.50 (about €13) and have a discount when buying return tickets for £18. In addition, the tickets are valid for any departure and you will not have to worry if the flight is delayed. You can also buy tickets for the same bus with Megabus through Omio, although they are slightly more expensive.

2.2. National Express Bus

National Express buses also connect Luton with London 24 hours a day. Have up to six departures per hour during the times with more flights. Does the same stops as the Green Line bus and a few additional ones, so the trip can be made longer if you get off at the end of the route. You can check the map with all the stations (marked in purple and blue) to see which one is closest to your accommodation. The regular ticket price is €16 but they usually offer rates with offers from only €8 each way booking online.

Book your National Express bus tickets from Luton

3. How to get from Luton airport to London by train

⏱️ Journey time: 30-45 minutes
💰 Precio: around €20

The main disadvantage is that the train station is not in the same airport. You have to take a shuttle from the terminal to the train station called Luton Airport Parkway. Los shuttles salen every 10 minutes from the first stop on the left when leaving the airport terminal and the journey takes just 5 minutes. The service is free if you have a train ticket from Luton airport. If you do not have your pre-booked train ticket, the shuttle costs £2.40.

Once at Luton Parkway railway station, there are two types of train to get to central London. You can see them Detailed schedules, duration of the trip and book any of the two online through this comparator.

3.1. East Midlands Trains, directo a St Pancras

The fastest way to get to central London from Luton is with East Midlands trains. Go direct to St Pancras station in just 24 minutes. There you can connect with various metro lines to get to your accommodation. Prices vary depending on the specific date and how far in advance you book the ticket, but they are usually around 20€.

Book your tickets for any train from Luton to London

3.2. Thameslink, with more stops in London

thameslink trains they are somewhat slower to get to St Pancras station. The journey takes about 35 minutes. But the good news is that they make three more stops at Blackfriars, City Thameslink Station and Farringdon (marked in green on the map). These locations are very convenient if you are staying in or around the City of London area. Tickets cost from £14.10 to £19.10 depending on the time of day in which trips You can pay them directly upon arrival using a technology-enabled credit card contactlessan Oyster card or a Travelcard.

💳 Discover all the details about transport cards in London: is it better to use Oyster or Travelcard?

how to get from luton airport to london
King’s Cross – St Pancras train station is beautiful

4. Rent a car at Luton Airport

⏱️ Journey time: 1 hour
💰 Precio: from €30 per day + fuel + toll

As a last option to get to central London from the airport, you can rent a car. We do not recommend it if you want to spend a few days exploring London, since parking and moving by car through the most central neighborhoods is an absolute nightmare. If you want to stop in London on the way, we recommend booking a hotel with parking on the outskirts of the city and using the metro to get around comfortably.

Book your rental car at the best price

Driving from the airport to the city is very easy, as Luton is just a touch of the motorway that leads to central London. Just follow the signs for M1 and you’ll be there in about an hour. You just have to keep in mind that Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm there is a charge of £15 to enter the city’s low emission zone. You can see all the information, a detailed map of the affected area and how to pay on the Transport for London website.


How many kilometers is it from Luton airport to London?

Luton Airport is a few 50 kilometers northeast of central London.

What is the cheapest way to get from Luton to London?

The National Express bus is the cheapest transport, with tickets on offer from €8 if you book well in advance. If you’re looking at the last minute, Green Line bus costs £11.50 one way or £18 return.

What is the fastest option to get to London from Luton?

East Midlands trains are the fastest way to get to central London. The journey from Luton to St Pancras Station takes just 24 minutes.

How much does the train from Luton to London cost?

The price of East Midlands direct train to St Pancras is £18.50. The Thameslink train makes more stops and costs from £14.10 to £19.10 (depending on the time of day). That being said, prices are dynamic and vary depending on how far in advance you book and the specific departure. We recommend you check the prices for your trip and book online as soon as possible.



we tell you all options for getting to the city center other London airports.


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