Going from Lisbon to Sintra by public transport is very simple and economical. Sintra is only 30 kilometers from the Portuguese capital and is a highly recommended city to spend a day. He is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. We tell you how to get from Lisbon to Sintra so you can enjoy the beauty of its palaces and its historic center.


1. Take a guided excursion to Sintra

⏱️ Journey time: all day
💰 Precio: €85 with transportation, guide in Spanish and tickets

If you don’t want to worry about anything, You can hire a tour to go from Lisbon to Sintra. Includes minibus transfer from Lisbon and entrance to the Pena National Park and the palace. In addition, you will have the explanations from a guide in Spanish to know the history of all the places you will visit. Even you will go to the neighboring cities of Cascais and Estoril when you finish Sintra. Is a very good option if you have little time to plan the trip. You will kill two birds with one stone in just one day 😉

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The Pena Palace, a mandatory stop once you arrive in Sintra

2. Go from Lisbon to Sintra by train, the cheapest option

⏱️ Journey time: 45 minutes
💰 Precio: 4,60€

Getting to Sintra by train couldn’t be easier! Comes out a train approximately every 15 minutes from the central Rossio station. The trip takes about 45 minutes y The round trip ticket costs €4.60.

You will have to get one Viva Viagem card to buy the ticket if you don’t have it yet. Once you have your transport card you just have to select “Sintra round trip” on the machine, It is very well indicated. Furthermore, in high season there are information staff helping to the most clueless in each machine. Once you have the ticket, look closely at which route The train leaves for Sintra.

Check the schedules

1.1. How to get from Sintra Station to Pena Palace

The train does not leave you at the door of the famous Pena Palace, not even in the city center. Sintra station is one kilometer from the historic center and almost three from the Pena National Park. But fortunately, the bus 434 It connects the Sintra station with the historic center, the Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle in a circular route. Happens a bus every 15 minutes from 9 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon.

He ticket for the whole day costs €5.50. You can get on and off as many times as you want 😉 You can buy the ticket directly from the driver. There is also the option of loading the Viva Viagem card at one of the ticket machines and saving 50 cents.

If you are only interested in the bus taking you from the station to the Pena Palace, the ticket costs €3. The trip takes about 15 minutes on a narrow and curvy road.

There is also the option of taking a tuk tuk to the park ticket offices. You will see that you have no shortage of options, because as soon as you get off the train they overwhelm you, offering you transportation to the monumental area of ​​Sintra.

If you are brave and you feel like walk from Sintra station to Pena Palace There are two things we can assure you. A: you will go calmer, because in high season the bus is packed to the brim. Two: the road goes up quite a bitbut nothing out of this world if you are used to doing a minimum of physical activity. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the Pena Palace at a calm pace.

go from Lisbon to Sintrago from Lisbon to Sintra
The Castelo dos Mouros is halfway between Sintra station and the Pena Palace

3. Getting to Sintra by car

⏱️ Journey time: 30 minutes
💰 Precio: vehicle rental + fuel

It is very likely that you have a car if you are traveling through Portugal. Yes that’s how it is, getting from Lisbon to Sintra is a piece of cake. You only have to Take the A37 and in half an hour you will have arrived, without paying any toll. The only thing that can mean One problem is parking if you don’t go first thing in the morning.. The parking lot closest to the Pena Palace usually fills up quickly. You can consult this map with all the car parks in Sintra to better organize yourself.

Besides, halfway there is Queluz, another beautiful destination with an impressive palace. The best option is to go to Sintra early and stop in Queluz on the way back.

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